Eliminating Stains Like It Is No One's Biz-Ness

Motherhood is quite an adventure! There are so many moments that take your breath away. The first words, first steps, first days of school. We can't forget the other firsts that will take a mother's breath away. The first stains are definitely those moments!

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Luckily for me, I am ready for any messes that come my way because I am armed with Biz, and I can pretreat the kids clothes and keep them looking and smelling really good! Biz has stain fighting powers that make my job easier, save us a ton of money, and keep my kids looking picture perfect.

Even on fabrics labeled No Bleach BIZ can be used on garments labeled “No Bleach” or “No Chlorine Bleach.” Just test for colorfastness before washing:
Dissolve two tablespoons of BIZ in 1 cup warm water
Apply to a hidden area of the garment and let sit for 5 minutes
Compare with the rest of the garment – if no change occurred, wash as usual with BIZ and detergent.

Since we started using Biz, our clothes look and smell great all of the time. The kids are free to be kids and I am free to be a mom, who is not stressing over stains on clothes! Grass and dirt stains are no problem, sauces and juices don't stand a staining chance and even baby formula spills are easy peasy to clean.

Biz is a great helper in the laundry room, but the magic of Biz extended throughout the house. You can use it in the kitchen to clean floors, trash cans and more. Take Biz to task on the deck, to get squeaky clean outdoor furniture.  Let Biz do the hard work of cleaning hard surfaces and deodorizing around the house. There are so many ways to let Biz make your job on this adventure of motherhood easier. Check out the website for more ways to use Biz around the house.


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