How To Get Pet Hair And Odor Out Of Your Clothes

A family pet is a great thing - mostly. The majority of the time it does nothing but provide you with a great deal of fun and company. We’re a cat family ourselves, and I’ve written articles before on how to deal with various issues your cat may produce. This particular article will look at something that can be quite problematic; your pet and your clothes.

Most household pets shed hair/fur, which naturally finds its way onto your clothes. Not only that, but they can also cause a bit of an odor to go on them too. This means you leave the house smelling like a cat or dog, which isn’t the best look going. Bearing that in mind, here’s how you can get both hair and odor out of your clothes.

Getting Rid Of Hair
Getting rid of pet hair feels like a thankless task, but you can do it with these ideas:

A rubber brush: Get your hands on a rubber brush and use it on your clothing. The fur should come off pretty easily, leaving you with cleaner looking clothes.

Lint rollers: This is my favorite tool for getting rid of pet hair. A lint roller picks up pet hair, along with any other bits of fluff on your clothes. It’s really effective on sports clothing and polyester.

Getting Rid Of Odor

The odor your pet leaves on your clothes can vary depending on what it is. Cats don’t leave too bad of a smell, but dogs can make your clothes stink. The problem is, you don’t realize they smell bad because you’re used to the smell of your pet. Luckily, there are some very easy solutions you can try:

Dry cleaning: I find that dry cleaning your clothes is a great way to remove bad odors. Look around for sites like, and you can find a dry cleaning service near you. The method dry cleaners use is just more effective than a standard washing machine. But, it’s especially useful for things like thick jumpers or wool coats.

Apple cider vinegar: It sounds odd, but apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of pet odors in your clothes, bed sheets, and everything else. All you have to do is add a little drop with your washing, and they’ll come out free from this smell.

Washing machine beads: I saw these things in the shop the other day, and they seem to work. Essentially, they’re just beads that you add to your wash cycle along with the detergent. As your clothes wash, the beads disintegrate and envelop everything in a lovely smell. When you take everything out of the wash, it smells much better.

It’s important to get rid of both pet hair and odor from your clothes when you go out the house. You never know, you could come into contact with people who have allergies to your pet. In which case, you put them at risk when you have their hair/fur all over you. Plus, no one wants to smell like a car or dog, so getting rid of the odor is a bonus.


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