Instagram - The ideal marketing tool that helps you promote your business through visual content

Instagram - The ideal marketing tool that helps you promote your business through visual content
Gone are the days when you print, and radio were the only way for advertising your products and services to the audience. Thanks to social media platforms you do not even have to spend a dime on marketing your products and services to your targeted audience anymore. Videos and pictures of your products can be easily shared online thanks to Instagram that is a social media application for smartphones. Those businesses that have used or are using Instagram for their business have witnessed incredible success when it comes to promotion and establishment of web presence for their products.
Instagram – visual representation of your business
To get started on Instagram you just need to register on the portal and start to click pictures of your products. There is a common misconception prevailing among business owners today that Instagram should be used only for products and not services. This is not true. Digital media experts state that Instagram is an excellent platform that you can use for services as well. All you need to do is take a picture of a customer who is using your service and create a story to be shared with your network. This will largely help you to promote your services on the portal efficiently. This post contains affiliate links or contributed content.
Videos should be made for your business where you can highlight the core message of your business to the targeted audience. However, the videos that you make for Instagram should be very short and not long. Ideally, your video should be 15 to 30 seconds in length. Of course, you must create it wisely as here again; it is crucial for you to ensure that the core message is effectively highlighted to the public.
Post regularly for your customers to see
Posting should be done regularly, and you may make use of automation software like Gramista for the task. This automation software helps you to post content while you can focus on other important matters of your business. Remember that your targeted audience is waiting for your posts and it is here you must be regular. They want to hear from you and at the same time see the latest products that you have launched in the market. This is why it is prudent for you to be frequent with your posts and space them out properly.
Instagram Stories should be used when you are sharing photos and videos with your targeted audience. This feature boosts customer engagement as your audience shares posts fast. The Story stays online for only 24 hours, and this is why you should make optimal use of it when you are looking for ways and means to establish a web presence and get more followers for Instagram. Instagram Stories stay on the newsfeed of all your followers, and they get to see it on top when they log into their accounts.
Use Instagram to share images and videos of your business and see the encouraging response you get in just a few months. The platform is a great one for every business, and if you can use it optimally, you will get a competitive advantage in the market with success!


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