Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great First Impression

When you have a job interview, it is important to make a great first impression. How you behave and what you look like will have a lasting impression on your potential employer.

This first encounter can have a crucial part on whether or not you are hired for the job as well. You should make sure that you look your best when you are going to a job interview. Below are some tips to help you make a great and lasting impression on a potential employer.

Dress for Success

You should make sure your appearance is perfect on the day of an interview—and that all starts with the night before. Make sure you have a mattress that promotes deep sleep because you don’t want to show up on the day of the interview groggy and with bags under your eyes.

When the day of the interview arrives, your grooming and style should be impeccable. You should also dress appropriately for the job. If you are applying for an office position, you shouldn’t wear jeans or leggings, but a suit or skirt and blouse. You should also use a steam generator to iron your clothes before your interview, so you won’t have wrinkles and look like you just rolled out of bed.

For grooming, you want to make sure to cover all the basics:
Brush your teeth
Use mouthwash
Style your hair appropriately—try your best to tuck away any stray hairs, I recommend the Forbabs brush
If you are a man with a beard, make sure it is trimmed

As for styling, try not to use too much product in your hair that will make it look greasy or have buildup showing. Also, don’t use too much perfume or cologne because you don’t want to bombard someone’s nostrils with an overpowering aroma. If you decide to wear makeup, go for a more natural look.

Be Prepared

Being prepared can encompass many things. If you’re going on a mountain climb, being prepared with outdoor trekking gear is essential to your safety and enjoyment of the activity. The same goes for a job interview. You don’t want to bomb the interview because of being unprepared. From how you behave in the interview to what you are doing when you first come in, think about every action and potential interview question beforehand.

During the interview, you want to present yourself as someone who is prepared for everything. You can show this by doing the following:
Prepare for any questions that you may be asked during your interview

Have your resume ready—make sure that it is updated and easy to pull from a bag or folder
Keep a pen handy as well

You also want to come in looking neat. If you grab a coffee on your way to the interview, throw your cup away before entering the building. You should also spit out any gum or get rid of any food that you may have on you.

Also wash your hands or sanitize them. If you’ve spent the morning cleaning your wood cutting board, or doing other chores before the interview, chances are your hands and fingernails have some residual grime. You don’t want to shake hands with your interviewer if you’ve got sticky hands.

If the interview is still a while a way—or you’re still waiting to get a call for an interview—now is the time to clean up your credit report. This is especially vital if you’re going into financing or banking. Companies will check the reliability of a candidate by doing not only a background check but often a credit check. If you’re also in the process of looking for a house, make sure your realtor knows of your job search situation, so they can find you a home that best fits your current financial state, not the financial position you expect to be in after you land the job. Brokers like Integrated Realty Group will work with you to find you a home that is suitable for your financial position, credit status, and future prospects.

Be Nice to the Staff

You of course should be friendly with your interviewer, but you should be nice to all the staff that you pass or see on your way to the interview. This includes any office cleaners or anyone else you might see in the building. Don’t be afraid to say hello or smile at someone as they are walking past you—this can show that you are able to work together with others.

If you are able to, make small talk with the receptionist during your wait. On the flip side, don’t make small talk if they are busy answering phones or if the lobby is busy.

Once you meet your interviewer, don’t be afraid to reach out for a handshake first. Make sure your handshake is firm and confident, but not too firm. You don’t want to squeeze their hand too tightly, but you do want them to see that you aren’t too nervous.

Once you are into the interview, you can try and make some type of connection with your interviewer. Maybe you notice a photo from a vacation, a degree hanging on the wall, or an item sitting on a shelf that may be a hobby. This might not lock you in for the job, but it will allow the interviewer to remember you more easily if you have something in common.

Stay on Your Best Behavior

You shouldn’t pull your phone out during an interview, ever, unless you are asked to look up something on your phone. It is best if you place your phone on silent and into your pocket or bag before you even walk into the building. You don’t want to look like you are too distracted by your phone to wait patiently.

You should also watch your grammar during your interview and try to veer away from any slang words that you may use outside of the workplace. You should never use a cuss word during an interview! Sometimes it is okay to say a small joke during an interview, but you should assess the situation before going ahead with one.

Speak clearly and slowly. You don’t want to start talking too fast that your words start to become jumbled. If you need to, take a small breath and think before you start speaking.

If you become nervous and you’re afraid that you are going to babble or start to stutter, some interviewers may understand. Just tell them that you are a little nervous. Everyone is human, and nervousness is a natural reaction.

Most of the time, interviewers will try to make an interview seem more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. Just try and remain calm throughout the entire interview.


To make a lasting and great impression during an interview, follow the tips above. Try to breathe and remain calm and confident during your interview. You want to seem confident, but not too confident like you might think you are too good for the job.

Look and act your best as well and stay friendly with the staff. Job interviews can be stressful and make people nervous, but they can be easy to get through.


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