The ultimate guide to engaging with your customers on Instagram

If you are the owner of an e-commerce website, it is prudent to keep your customers engaged on social media to generate inbound traffic and drive sales. E-commerce websites face tough competition, and when you engage in social media marketing to reach out to your targeted audience, you effectively can promote products and transform visitors into loyal customers. Instagram is a visual social media platform that is a boon to e-commerce businesses. You can use this platform to reach out to your targeted audience and sell products to them instantly.
The power of images
Images speak a thousand words, and when you bank on Instagram to market your goods to the outside world, you can do it easily. People relate to images, and your visuals should invoke the right emotions that will make them buy your product. The posts and the images that you choose must be used creatively to grab attention. They should be accompanied with the right caption and hashtag. Your audience needs to know what your post is about and this is why you must help them with content that is clear and well defined. This post was contributed by a guest.
Evaluate post performance from time to time
When you are using Instagram for e-commerce, it is crucial for you to evaluate your posts from time to time. The performance of your Instagram posts is critical to your success. Schedule your posts in such a way that they are regular. To create real Instagram followers for your brand, you must regularly update them with content. At the same time, space out your posts in such a way that they are not overwhelmed by them. For instance, schedule posting times in the morning, afternoon and evening. You may post at least three times a week. Do not focus on posting only in the morning or the evening. Distribute your content wisely and engage with the targeted audience. This will keep them following you and your products. Customers always look for the personal touch, and when you are selling products to them, you can interact with them and respond to their queries and concerns promptly.
When you are posting videos for your products, they should be high in resolution like the images you post. Again, the videos that you post on Instagram about your business and products are not the same as YouTube. The videos here are very short, and you need to highlight your core message to the targeted audience in just 15-30 seconds. This does seem challenging however it is very effective when you can do so creatively. Web visitors do not have time to browse through websites, and a good video will give them the gist of what you deal with and have to offer.
Engage your e-commerce audience with photo sharing contests and other schemes like offers and discounts. Let them become the brand ambassadors of your website and spread word of mouth marketing so that you as an e-commerce website can promote your brand and sell your products effectively to the targeted audience looking for you.


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