3 Bad Habits that will Ruin your Dog’s Behaviour

3 Bad Habits that will Ruin your Dog’s Behaviour
Not many dog owners like to take responsibility for their dog’s behavior, but the reality is that many misbehaving dogs do so because of poor care from their owners. It’s easy to dismiss any bad behavior from your dog and blame it on their pedigree or previous owners, but it’s essential to know what to do and what to avoid, to make sure you raise a well behaved, non-destructive dog. Here are some of the habits you should avoid at all costs.
Using their Names only in Negative Contexts
If your goal is to ruin your dog’s temperament, make sure to only call their names when they did something wrong and want to reprimand them. Or even worse, by punishing them when they come over. This is a sure-fire way for them to associate hearing their name and coming over with negativity instead of enjoyment.
Even though your dog may take time to come over, don’t dwell on the waiting time. Instead, show them some appreciation for coming over. There are plenty of ways to teach a dog how to come to you immediately without being aggressive. For instance, try to associate calling them with something positive and fun at first, whether it’s engaging them in play or giving them a special treat. This, along with training, will teach them how to come instantly when you call them.
Physically Punishing them
While this should come as natural to many, it’s still surprising to see how many people still think physical punishment is acceptable with a dog. Physical punishment teaches absolutely nothing to the dog and actually leaves them confused.
Using a choker violently is also a very bad idea if your dog is misbehaving while they’re outside. A much more humane choice would be to use an electronic collar that will send a small electronic pulse to reinforce commands.
This will allow for more control when they’re off their leash or if you’re losing control of them while in the park, for instance. It’s also a great way to protect other dogs and onlookers as well. If you’re looking for the best dog training collar for your pup, there are plenty of resources online that will allow to compare models and choose one that works for your dog.
Babying them and Avoiding Training
Whether it’s because of negligence, lack of means, or just skepticism, a lot of people still don’t believe obedience training is all that important. However, a poorly trained dog will not only be a hazard to you and your property, but to the people around you as well. Dogs that never underwent obedience training and are spoiled are usually the ones that develop aggression issues later on.

Too much babying could actually be bad for your dog, too. There is such a thing as bonding too much. Dogs can end up developing an addiction and even an obsession with their owners, which could then translate to anxiety and destructive behavior when you’re away. So, make sure that you address this issue before it becomes deeply ingrained in your dog.
Thankfully, it’s possible to raise healthy, happy and well-behaved pets if you know how to go about it. Whatever you do, try to invest in some obedience training or learn some of the basics yourself, and make sure to refrain from committing any of these mistakes.


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