Different Kinds of Jewelry for Men: Tips to Purchase Diamond Jewelry

The definition of masculinity has undergone tremendous changes over the years and still continues to do so. In the present day, men want to express their individuality or personality and they wish to be unique in the way they do it. Though the idea of men wearing jewelry is not a new one, the ones who do it confidently used to be quite low. History shows that men around the world have worn pendants, necklaces, chains, rings, bracelets and much more. Though men in the present century don't wear the kind of jewelry their ancestors used to, they do wear it in a subtle manner. Compared to the jewelry of women, men's jewelry is less flashy and understated. Let's take a look at the different kinds of jewelry worn by men today  
Jewelry for men: The different varieties
Finger rings
The different kinds of rings that men wear include wedding rings, fraternal rings, class rings, decorative rings and championship rings. Though the most commonly used rings are the wedding rings many prefer wearing different kinds of decorative rings too. There aren't any restrictions on the number of rings that a person can wear provided he can do it confidently. A majority prefer to wear one or two rings at a time.
The wedding band
This is the most commonly worn piece of jewelry by men. Silver, gold, and platinum are normally used to make wedding bands and at times these rings are inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones.
Tie chain, tie bar, and tie pins
These three are worn by men on ties to keep it in place. Tie chain can keep the tie in place without being seen whereas the tie bars hold the tie in place by clipping it horizontally on the tie and the shirt is used as the anchor. Silver, gold, and other metals are used to make tie bars. Tie pin or a tie tack uses a pin to hold the tie in place.
Gold and silver buttons for a blazer
Brass buttons are normally found on blazers when you purchase it. But you have the option to upgrade it using gold or silver buttons or even buttons inlaid with precious stones. These ornamentations help to distinguish your blazer jacket.
Formal and casual watches
Like the wedding ring, this is also another piece of men's jewelry that can be worn under any circumstances. Watches made of metals like gold, silver, platinum or titanium and the ones inlaid with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones work well with sports jackets or suits and other formal wear. Watches that have bands that are made of plastic, cloth or other synthetic materials work well with a casual wear.
Shirt studs and cufflinks
Shirt studs and cufflinks are the other pieces of jewelry commonly used by men and these are also quite functional considering that they hold the front portion of the shirt and the cuffs in place. Cufflinks made out of precious metals like gold and silver and which is inlaid with precious stones would work perfectly with formal attire. They also come in novelty designs and this can be worn to a meeting or in an office. Shirt studs also come in metals and precious stones and using a silk knot that is quite simple is popular among the younger men.

Considering that most of the necklaces can be hidden under your clothing this piece of jewelry can be worn quite easily by men. Necklaces can be religious, decorative, or functional. Necklaces could be of any metals like silver, gold or platinum inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones or it can be made of beads or other decorative things. Ask those who shop diamond necklaces at FrostNYC for their recommendations for specific products.
When it comes to piercings, this is the most accepted one. Wearing earrings have earned a better appeal during the last 25 to 30 years. Earrings also come in different metals and could be inlaid with semi-precious stones and other gems.
Buckles of belts
Belt buckles come in different kinds and designs. Depending on how it meets your needs and your personality you can wear it accordingly.
Lapel pins
Lapel pins can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors and some of them have specific meanings too. These pins started being popular half a century ago and they are used as ornaments, or as part of a collection.
Most of the bracelets worn by men are for a cause. However, decorative bracelets, medical-alert bracelets, and functional ones are also quite common. Bracelets made out of precious metals and the ones inlaid with precious stones are also worn by men.
Brow, nose and other piercings
Though this kind of piercings has not received wide acceptance there are men who do facial and other piercings and wear different kinds of jewelry. Among these, the nose and brow piercings are the most common.
Other types of Jewellery worn by men
Some of the other kinds of jewelry worn by men all over the world are jewelry worn in the armed forces, jewelry associated with different religions and ethnic jewelry.
Purchasing jewelry of precious metals and diamonds: Things to keep in mind
Gold jewelry
While buying jewelry out of gold and other precious metals for men you need to keep in mind two things.

Karat weight of the gold jewelry
You need to be clear about the karat weight of the gold jewelry that you intend to buy. This is to make sure that you are purchasing pure gold.
Make sure it is hallmarked
Precious metals like gold have the stamp of the manufacturer on it which shows the purity of the gold or the karat weight of the jewelry that you plan to buy.
Diamond jewelry: Things to keep in mind while buying it
Keeping a few things in mind before purchasing a diamond jewelry would ensure that you are purchasing a diamond that is pure and original. Men who are planning to purchase diamonds must always consider ‘The Four C’s’.
A scale from Z to D is used to rate the color of a diamond where the colorless diamond that is perfectly clear is rated as D on the scale. If the Diamonds occupies a position that is J and up on the scale they are considered to be of the highest quality and are really expensive. For a color to be noticeable on a diamond the stone needs to be big. So avoid trying to add color to a diamond that is too small.
Imperfections in precious stones are quite common and some imperfections could make it appear flawed to the naked eye. Make sure that you are purchasing the right one.
A carat equals 0.2 grams which is the measurement of the mass of stones that are precious. Stones that are heavier are quite rare and much highly priced. The cost of a diamond that weighs 1 carat is much higher than the cost of a stone that is 0.9 carat.
When it comes to ‘cut’ in precious stones it does not refer to its shape. It is how the quality of the diamond is measured. Most of the stones have an established rating. Make sure that you understand the rating before buying one.
Wearing jewelry of different kinds is one way by which men try to express who they are and they are doing it with much confidence than they had before. Find the right place that offers you the best products at the right price.


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