Facial Serum: Things you need to know

Facial Serum: Things you need to know
Most of us dream of having a healthy and glowing skin but that doesn't happen overnight. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle and a regular skin care routine to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. A healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and application of sunscreen would work wonders for your skin. Considering the endless commercials and skin care products, it is really difficult for a person to choose something that works well for their skin type. Many people avoid skin care routines that are complicated. They prefer sticking on to their simple cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine. However, adding a facial serum to your regular routine would prove to be extremely beneficial for your skin.
A facial serum helps to deliver strong ingredients to your skin directly and you need to apply it after cleansing your skin and before moisturizing it. The smaller molecules in a facial serum deliver a good concentration of active ingredients by penetrating deeply into your skin. The facial serum helps to reduce wrinkles on the skin. The reviews by FaceSerum.com can help you choose one that works well for your skin type.
Benefits of a facial serum
Facial serum vs moisturizers
The active ingredients found in a facial serum are at least ten times more than that is found in a moisturizer.
A facial serum can absorb deeply into your skin than a moisturizer because the molecules in the serum are smaller than the molecules in the moisturizers.
A facial serum leaves you with an ageless skin that is glowing by targeting all the major skin care issues.
The facial serum can be locked into your skin by the application of a moisturizer. So it is important that you use a moisturizer along with the serum, especially for dry skin.
To heal and clear the skin
Facial serums are rich in antioxidants and active ingredients which heal your damaged skin and repair it. The facial serum can also help people with oily skin by clearing it up. A person with oily skin requires enough moisture to prevent the cells from producing oil in excess. It is also good for protecting your skin from environmental damages, for removing dark spots and to reduce hyperpigmentation.
To keep your skin young and hydrated
A dry and dehydrated skin tends to age quickly. A facial serum can be absorbed deeply by the skin and keep it properly hydrated. When the levels of hydration have been boosted, your skin encourages the formation of elastin and collagen which are the structural proteins that are necessary to keep the complexion of your skin youthful. These proteins decrease with age and your skin tend to sag and wrinkle. Using a facial serum based on your skin type can produce the necessary protein and help your skin stay hydrated.
Acne is reduced
Most facial serums are water-based and not oil-based which is really beneficial to people with skin prone to acne. Serums get absorbed quickly by the skin leaving no residue behind that could cause acne. Hence the breakout of acne is reduced considerably.

Monetary benefits
Even though the price of a facial serum is higher compared to most of the skin care products, investing in the right one will help you attain good results on your skin and you don’t have to spend extra money on other products that are cheaper.
Application of facial serum
Cleanse your skin
For your facial serum to work perfectly your skin needs to be clean and free of dead cells. Use an exfoliator to remove the dead cells and a cleanser and warm water to cleanse your skin so that the pores will remain open and the serum can penetrate deeply into your skin and work effectively.
Use a toner
A skin that is damp can absorb more serum. Hence, applying a toner to your skin before the application of a facial serum will help you get better results.
Apply the facial serum gently
You need to be very gentle while applying a facial serum. Make sure that you don't rub the serum into your skin as that could remove the serum from your skin. Pat in the serum using your fingertips or massage very gently.
Use a moisturizer
Once the serum gets absorbed in the skin don't forget to apply a moisturizer. A moisturizer can lock the serum into your skin giving you a healthy and glowing skin.
Find out a facial serum that suits your skin type and use it regularly for a youthful and radiant skin.


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