Fun Family Activities

Planning a fun family day out can be stressful as you try to take into account everyone’s needs and desires. Perhaps you are worried about finances and a big day out for the whole family could blow your budget? That needn’t be the case though, as there are many affordable fun activities you can do together that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a fun day out for the family, but are bored with the same old tried-and-tested usual activities, then consider getting more adventurous with these suggestions below.

Get involved in the great outdoors
For a free way to spend some quality time together, plan a day out in the great outdoors. Pack a picnic and go for a long hike in a national park. Better yet, pack a tent and make a weekend of it away from all distractions and everything else. For true quality time together go screen-free and ask your children to turn off their phones, iPads, tablets, etc. There is a lot of fun to be had when you get back to nature, from hide-and-seek to toasting marshmallows on the campfire and counting the stars at night.

Get your heart pumping in an escape room
Although this does cost money, it is worth it as an exhilarating experience you can share as a whole family. There are a multitude of themes to pick from, including a museum heist and an international spy story, so take a look at what thrills you and sign up to play the game. Escape Room Charlotte offers games that you can play as a family, though an adult must accompany any children under the age of 14.

Plan your own scavenger hunt
A scavenger hunt is a fun way to get everyone involved, and by planning your own, you can customize it to suit all the ages and abilities involved. Create a framework and some rules so that everyone understands the game and the parameters to work within. Decide whether people are working in teams or as individuals. Do your research beforehand so you know the area in which you will be planting your clues and can ensure it works at the appropriate level of difficulty for all taking part. For example, do not put a clue in a hard-to-reach spot that involves climbing a tree to reach it if you have toddlers playing or seniors who are not very mobile, as then your team activity becomes exclusive.

Get crafty
Plan a craft activity that the whole family can have fun with. There are many options for this, from painting your own pottery to making a large family mural. Create an under-the-sea themed art installation by making cardboard tube jellyfish and brightly colored fishes hanging on strings. Add twinkling fairy lights for a sensory experience. Another fun art idea is to provide craft materials and ask everyone to create their own self-portrait and afterward let people guess which one belongs to whom. Once finished, scan the images and have them printed on to tote bags and t-shirts for a fun memento.


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