Home Décor Tips – Choosing an Appropriate Bathtub to Suit to Your Needs!

A soothing and relaxing bath is the greatest pleasure of new age citizen who lives a hectic life and goes through many stressors. So, everyone wants to give special importance to choosing a bathtub, which could make a real difference than one may realize. In fact, there is a large variety of options out there to choose from, and one should be very mindful of it.

Choosing a bathtub

The question is whether you will be happy with getting something basic or daring not to compromise for something short of mere perfection?

If latter is your choice, then there are a wide array of factors and options one should consider before making a purchase. This bathtub buying guide will help you to be more knowledgeable and mindful to take an informed decision.

Bathtub types

Standard bathtub

The standard type of bathtub is the most common model and the cheapest among the choices. Such bathtubs don't have any bells and whistles. However, these can do the task fine without giving the users any troubles. They come in the same standard size as about 5 feet in length, the width of 30 inches, and about 14 to 16 inches in height.

Soaking bathtubs

These tubs are may be deeper compared to standard tubs but can give the users a complete soaking experience. Complimenting well to this purpose, some of the soaking tubs are longer and wider too. Soaking tubs are more expensive than the standard tubs when it comes to New Jersey bathtub replacement, but more comfort obviously comes at a higher cost.

Air bathtubs

Air tubs have the additional feature of shooting air through the jets which are strategically placed at different pressure points to give a massaging experience. The sensation is less concentrated in water jets, which help people to feel more relaxed.

Whirlpool bathtubs

Similar to air tubs, whirlpool tubs also have jets which are positioned ideally to apply massaging type pressure on the major muscle groups of a human being when they lie down in the tub. The water forced through the jets will offer a very soothing experience after a hectic day of work to reduce the aches which people usually experience in their joints and muscles.

Combination bathtubs

Along with the above standalone models of tubs, you can also find more functional ones which incorporate all these features. There are soaking tubs which feature jets, and there are tubs, which offer both air jet and whirlpool technology. With more and more features, the cost will obviously be higher, but the experience of combination bathtubs is unmatchable.

Some general factors to consider while buying tubs

Volume: How deep and wide your tub is and how much water is needed to fill it.
Shower Option: Some bathrooms are designed with separate shower and tub.
Size: If you are installing the tub into an already built bathroom, then size is a primary consideration.
Cost: Last, but most importantly, cost of the bathtub as you may get it in largely varying price ranges now.

A good bathtub will not only match perfectly with the aesthetics of your interior design and add elegance, but also will offer you relaxed and healthy living benefits.


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