Little Lunches Made Easy

I am a meal planner extraordinaire. I could tell you what we are having for dinner a week from Wednesday with a glance at my calendar. Breakfast is always covered without a thought because I am hooked on Overnight Oatmeal, while the rest of the family prefers cereal. Lunch is a little trickier for us, I sometimes prefer a late lunch because oats are really filling, but Harp needs to eat at noon, on the dot, or she experiences the hangry hungry crash and burn that all parents dread.

Lunch needs to be kept simple, and it needs to pack a lot of nutrients, because Harp is usually pretty finicky about dinner! My favorite easy little lunches for kids come together quickly, offer variety and cover all of the bases nutritionally.

Harper really loves cheese, so a few simple slices of cheese, paired with a sliced apple, or half of a banana will get her attention pretty quickly. I like to offer her a yogurt with no added sugars like Happy Baby yogurt. Available in different stages from 6+ months to preschoolers, I love this brand because it is made with whole milk and with probiotics for happy bellies!

Sometimes Harp likes a hot lunch, so a scrambled egg and a slice of toast make her feel like the little princess of brunch! We always have fresh fruit on our dining room table, so I like to let her select what appeals to her taste buds! 

Sometimes Harp needs something special; on these occasions we turn to our popsicle maker and load up fresh fruit like mashed bananas and strawberries and Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt to make a naturally sweet treat that is loaded with probiotics, whole milk and fresh fruit. These special lunch pops are going to get a lot of menu time this summer because they really are yummy! Sometimes I can sneak kale and cucumbers into her lunch pops too for even more nutrients in such a small package!

You can never go wrong with waffles for little lunches! Check out my recipe for baby food waffles!

If you have a favorite easy little lunch idea I want to hear about it please! If you are looking to add a little variety to your little ones lunch, now is a great time to print this coupon to save on Happy Baby and Happy Tot Yogurts!


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