Check your dog for fleas using these three methods

We understand that the thought of fleas can be pretty horrifying for pet owners. If you suspect your pet might have fleas, there are certain steps you need to take immediately. If your dog has been itching more than usual and is irritated by the constant scratching, you need to look for signs of fleas on its coat. Sometimes it could be regular itching but it is essential to inspect for fleas especially in the hot months of summer. This post contains affiliate links. Checking your dog routinely can ensure that you detect the problem early and choose the right treatment for the dog. If you make a routine of checking your dog at home, you can set up a regular grooming routine and use products that will keep the fleas away. Checking the skin of the dog can help you catch any changes right away.
The sooner you catch the fleas, the lesser discomfort your dog will be in. If you notice fleas at any stage, you need to take action and remove the same. There are chemical and non-chemical treatments available on the market. If you overlook the issue, it could lead to serious infection and health diseases. Fleas multiply rapidly; hence, catching them early is the key. If you have more than one pet, it is advisable to check each of them individually and ensure that the fleas have not jumped from one host to another. Fleas can easily move from host to environment and if there are multiple pets, they will jump from one pet to another.
Understanding fleas
Before you check your dog for fleas, you need to understand what they look like. Fleas are small and appear in various colors from reddish brown to black. They are very small and wingless. Fleas are known for the ability to jump distances with their long legs and speed. They can easily evade the claws and teeth of the dog. It could be difficult to find fleas if your dog has a darker and thicker fur. They are not easy to spot and you can only determine their presence on the coat by noticing the change in the behavior of the dog. If you notice that the dog is constantly itching and scratching, you need to check for fleas.
Ways to check your dog for fleas
If you manage to catch the problem early, you will be able to save a lot of hassle. If the fleas are not treated on time, it could cause infection and become difficult to manage. Remember that warm weather causes more fleas to attack your dog. If your dog spends maximum time outdoors, you need to check for fleas on a daily basis.
Use the white towel test: The simplest way to check for fleas is by using a white towel. In order to check the dog, all you need to do is lay the dog on a white towel and brush him or her. If you see dark spots or dirt falling on the towel, you know there is a problem.
Run a visual check: Adult fleas move fast and are difficult to notice, hence if you are not looking actively, you will not be able to notice them. The dog coat color also makes it difficult to notice the  fleas. You can perform a routine visual check where you lay the dog on his side and start with the abdomen. Fleas are commonly found on the base of the head, abdomen, and tail of the dog. If you notice dark spots anywhere, you know there are adult fleas. You can also rub a wet towel on the flea dirt to see if they change color. Fleas change color when they get wet.

Use a flea comb: If you know that your dog is at a risk for fleas, you need to invest in a good quality flea comb. The comb has a double row of teeth which makes the entire process easier. The fleas get trapped between the rows of teeth on the comb and you can kill them by simply squashing them. You can also duck them in hot water and kill them. The comb is easy to use and will save your time and efforts. When you think it is not possible to check the dog for fleas, use the comb.
Through these three methods, you will be able to see if your dog has fleas. If you find fleas on the dog, you need to choose the type of treatment you want to provide your dog. There are a number of products available in the market for non-chemical treatment. If you do not treat your dog, it could cause anemia and put you and your pet into serious trouble. If you are wondering how do I check my dog for fleas, you can choose from one of the three methods mentioned above. Fleas can make your dog very uncomfortable and it is a serious condition which every pet owner needs to look into. When you bring home a pet, you have to ensure that you take the right steps towards maintaining their health. If you overlook fleas for once, it will multiply and cause huge trouble to the pet. There are chemical treatments available in the market which you can choose for your dog. If you want to treat the dog in a natural manner, without the use of chemicals, pick products that can be used at home on a regular basis. Use products that are fast in action and help you get rid of the problem immediately. Once you understand how to check for fleas, you will be able to do it at home from time to time. Sometimes the problem with fleas can become so serious that you have to visit a vet for the treatment. But this only happens when the fleas are not noticed or treated at an early stage. The non-chemical products in the market are easy to use and are highly effective.


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