Exploring Riga- Things to Do | Places to Visit

Exploring Riga- Things to Do | Places to Visit

The Gothic architecture domineering over the cityscape and the quintessential art nouveau
juxtapose wonderfully with a laid back, cutting edge cool at the biggest metropolis in
the Baltics- Riga.

The Latvian city has endless travel and exploring possibilities for every kind of traveller.
Impeccable architecture, ancient museums, and the stretch of white sand Jurmala beach
are just a handful of things that await you in Riga. The city’s popularity among staggers and
hen weekenders speaks volumes about its vibrant nightlife.

Here is everything you can see and do in Riga to make the most of your travels.

1. Walking through Art Nouveau District

Centrally located in the city to the north of the Old Town, the Art Nouveau district is ideal for a
long stroll through the city’s artistic masterpieces. If you are an art enthusiast, this district is
made up with the stuff of your dreams.

The buildings dotted through the length of the path exhibit detailed work reflecting the classical
influences of the 19th century, however some remnants of the old architecture can be easily
found upon a closer inspection. At the very heart of the district is the Albert Street where the
famous Art Nouveau Museum is located. A visit to the museum leads to a better study of art
nouveau features, especially European staircases.

2. Admiring the Panoramic View from St. Peter’s Church

Owing to its historical wealth, Riga is blessed with many churches and cathedrals, each
enriched with features and impressive architecture. However, none come close to the experience
you can have at the St. Andrew’s Church.

As you stand at the spire of the church, the whole city spreads out before your eyes- from the
red roofs and cobbled pathways of the Old Town to the blue waters of Daugava river,
meticulously cutting through the city’s extreme banks. If it happens to be a cloudless day,
the view will be even more stunning.

The church also plays host to many of the city’s art exhibitions, where local artists display their artwork.

3. Sunbathing at Jurmala Beach

Close to the city, a wide stretch of white sandy shores border the expansive waters
of the gulf. A day trip to this Jurmala beach is the idyllic beach holiday you need. You can
relax under the warm rays of the sun or take a dip in the waters. If you like water sports, well
this is the place to be.

Once you are done with the beach, head over to Majori, located in the centre of Jurmala. It
has a heavy concentration of restaurants and bars bustling with locals and tourists alike.
Treat yourself to a hearty gourmet meal here and get some booze in you to have a gala time.

4. Picnicking at Pilsētas Kanāls

The Pilsētas kanāls (city canals) once protected the medieval interior areas of the city
from invaders. Today, the snaking ravine is a part of a thin belt of verdant parks and gardens
that split the Old city and Central Rīga.

You can take a leisurely stroll along the canals as the dense verdure surrounds you. Pick a spot
and lay out your mats and have yourselves a pleasant picnic watching the ducks swimming
nearby. You can feed these ducks at the canals. For a more active adventure, rent a kayak
and paddle along the river, passing under its many bridges and watching the city with a whole
new perspective.

5. Shopping at Riga Central Market

The main commercial centre of Riga, shopping at the Central market is an unmissable
experience. The market dates back to 16th century when it was located by the riverside.
Today the market is housed within World War 1 German Zeppelin hangars and is forever
bustling with locals and tourists.

The market is a treasure trove of a number of things, essentially food and groceries viz.
earthy sausage, cheese and black bread, smoked fish, and so much more. Stock up your
bags for a picnic by the canals or head over to one the quirky cafes for a quick meal and a
cup of fresh brew.

6. Enjoy the Nightlife

As the dusk approaches and street lamps light up the cobbled paths of Old town, the
city’s night pulse starts throbbing. With an inimitable atmosphere that beckons the guests
of the city to come back for more, Riga is famous among party lovers and staggers and is
an idyllic hen weekend destination.

What makes the nightlife amazing is that most pubs and nightclubs have no entry fee unlike
many other European cities. So you save big to spend more on the booze inside.

There is a high concentration of bars and clubs, each not too far from another making bar
crawling easier. Try out some local alcohol, especially Riga Black Balsam in any bar you hit.
There is just no leaving Riga without trying this famous Latvian Balsam.


Riga’s architectural wealth and historical buildings lend the city a nostalgic charm, but the
modern developments and exciting nightlife add an interesting twist to the city’s atmosphere,
one that you have to witness and experience to understand better.


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