How to motivate yourself to workout at home

How to motivate yourself to workout at home

Working out from home can seem like a great idea at first. You smile to
yourself as you think about how you will not have to deal with other people
at the gym - no more waiting impatiently to use the treadmill, feeling self
conscious among others or comparing yourself to those individuals that somehow
have the body of a Greek god (though you're sure you've tried everything they
have!) When it comes to the practical application of this though, you can find
that working out at home isn't as easy as you thought. Perhaps you usually
associate being at home with unwinding at the end of a long day and so when
you are at home trying to find the motivation to exercise, you find that there
are just so many distractions! Rest assured, we've got you covered with
several suggestions as to how you can motivate yourself to workout from home.

Be disciplined in setting a workout schedule
If you decide that you want to work out from home for an hour a day then you
need to ensure that you stick to that aim. Try to be strict with your scheduling
in order to ensure that you actually do go ahead and do the exercise that you
planned. For example, gather some ideas for  pre work meals ideas, and commit
to a particular time every day so that you can establish that in your mind as being
the workout hour. If instead, you go about your day with a vague notion that you will
get around to working out at some point, then you may find that there is never a
convenient time and you keep procrastinating and pushing back your workout hour
until after you have completed your daily chores, after you have watched a
particular TV show, etc.

Just because you are working out at home, doesn't mean that you have
to do so in your pyjamas or a sweat pants and ugly old sweater combo.
Wearing the appropriate workout gear helps to get you in the mood for exercising
and feeling the burn. Not to mention, it's more suitable for the purpose of
working out than wearing some random clothes that you have dug out of your
wardrobe. Lightweight, breathable workout clothes are comfortable and allow
you to move around and flex freely. Appropriate footwear such as high quality
running shoes ensures that your feet receive adequate support and comfort,
and reduces your risk of injury. Buying workout footwear from reputable brands
such as Nike and Adidas ensures that you are getting good quality, durable
 products without breaking the bank.

Create a workout space
associate with exercising - preferably away from distractions such as the television
or the seemingly infinite pile of laundry that you have been avoiding! Perhaps you
have a spare room or a disused office where you can spread out and work out.
Alternatively, maybe you can move some furniture aside in your dining room
and create a space for moving around.

Set the soundtrack
Music is a great accompaniment to exercise and research has actually proven that
it can increase productivity by up to 15%. So whether you blast out some lively,
bass thumping music on your sound system or you simply workout with headphones
in, you will surely feel more motivated and find your exercise routine more enjoyable
if you complete it with a great workout soundtrack in the background.

Set yourself a reward
We're not always thrilled to get out of bed on a Monday morning and go to work, but it's
necessary if we want to get paid right? Award yourself a similar motivator for exercise
in order to encourage yourself to stick to your schedule. If you're working out in
conjunction with a diet, then your reward could be a treat such as a chocolate brownie
at the end of the week if you are able to complete your daily routine!

Involve someone else
Just because you're working out at home, doesn't mean you have to go it alone.
You could still invite a friend over to work out with you, or exercise together with
yourself to be more productive since you will find that they are there to provide
words of support and encouragement even on occasions when the last thing
you feel like doing is a set of abdominal crunches.

In a similar vein, sharing what you're doing on social media (okay,
maybe not so much that you become an annoyance to your friends and family)
can provide you with a feeling of satisfaction if you share your goals and
accomplishments with others who can then act as your digital cheerleaders
for your workout. Go team you!


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