5 ways to choose the perfect beanie for you and look amazing

Beanies are meant to prevent the cold during the winter period. Winter is a very cold season. You don't want the cold putting you down. Stay warm and stay healthy; don't freeze and shine. Beanies are an option to cover your head. The good thing about beanies is that you can wear them differently from the person next to you. You only need to look for a style that compliments you, and that suits the cold weather. Beanies make a fashion statement, and add style to your outfit. Considering you decide the style you wear it, don't be surprised to find another person wearing it the same way you do. The common style that people wear beanies is by pulling them down and making sure they cover the ears. However, fashion icons have developed more styles to make it relevant even during other seasons of the year.

1)      Classic look

You have to identify yourself with a style of fashion. You may love it old school, or you may want to go for the latest styles; some have even blended the two. The truth is not every style you see is meant for you. You can wear beanies in a way that doesn’t make you feel comfortable or even leaves you feeling skeptical. The classic way of wearing beanies is when the better part of your forehead is covered, and a little bit of your eyebrows are visible. Your bangs need to be beneath the beanie, especially if they are greasy.

2)      Warmth

This a style that will leave your ears feeling warm. When winter comes around or any form of cold, you shall not be hindered from running your daily errands. If you will have to step out, you will step out with the kind of warmth you require. With this style, the beanie will cover your forehead, neck and ears. At least with this style, you can loosen your bangs

3)      Over the forehead

You need to break the monotony of everyone seeing you with the same beanie style daily. What do you do then? Just wear the beanie on your head. You can let the excess part of the beanie stand, or you can fold it backwards. You might have seen it more with the male gender compared to the women. You might have heard the name Peter Pan; this is the other name for this style. It’s a flexible style since you can wear it no matter what type of bangs you have.

4)      Hair orientation and ponytail

Are you wondering what happens to the hair? If you have a ponytail, it's advisable to just let it be visible and hang out. It still serves as a source of warmth during the winter season since your ears are taken care of. Whether you have plaited hair or not, make sure you lead your hair to one direction so that it can help balance with the opposite side that the beanie is facing, so that you don’t feel bulky.

5)      Size

You should buy baggier messy bun beanie. This is to help you save on the cost of purchasing a new one in case you change your hairstyle. A baggier one can be transformed to suit whichever style you desire to put.


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