Buying the Best Comics Online- Useful Tips for Collectors

Buying comics can be an enjoyable hobby as well as a lucrative business venture for sellers. Comic enthusiasts are often involved in the trade of buying and selling books along with other collectibles during conventions, trade shows, online and in stores. Being aware of the range of comic books, different ways to buy or sell comics and condition classifications will enable you to maximize on this type of activity.

Types of Comics

An important step towards buying quality comics is making a decision regarding the comics you want.
·         The so-called old school or nostalgic comics are popular as merchandise and collectible investments in the world of comics. Characters that are regarded as classics include the Action and Marvel comics that date back several years and consist of a variety of superheroes that range from Superman to Spiderman.
·         The onset of the 1960s featured graphic novels while the less common underground comics became popular in the 1970S. These were characterized by a number of vices and rebellious culture.
·         Newer options such as alternative comics were prominent from the 1970S to the 1990s. They include science fiction, detectives and superheroes.
·         Find out more about the Japanese anime or manga that is currently popular and features monsters, marital arts, avatars and more.

Condition Classifications

Understanding condition classifications is an important aspect of rating books for both dealers and collectors.
·         Mint indicates that the comic is virtually perfect with no signs of wear on the cover, clear bright ink colors, clean staples, flat and tight spine and minimal printing imperfections.
·         Near mint comics have minor imperfections, bright ink, small bindery tears and no impact or corner creases. Buy quality comics online here.
·         A very fine comic is visually appealing with clean, sharp surfaces, slight imperfections, good cover ink, minimal edge wear and fairly flat cover.
·         Fine conditioned refers to above average comics with tiny stress marks, slight defects on the surface and minor wear.
·         Very good comics are average books that show some signs of wear, minor discoloration or fading, very few defects that do not minimize visual appeal and a slight crease.
·         Good comic books are typically soiled or scuffed but still readable, small missing pieces inside the book and no missing cover or pages.
·         Fair condition is in reference to comic books that have all their inside pages and most covers. The story is not affected by prevalent creases.
·         A comic book that is classified as poor condition is worn out with hardly any collectible value with missing sections or pages of the cover, unclear inks, mildew and stained pages.

List of Comic Books

Create a list of the comic books that you are interested in buying. This makes it easier for you to find exactly what you want and enables faster assessments.
·         Find an online collectible or comics store where comic books are available for sale and make an effort to interact with other enthusiasts.
·         When you want to buy comic books, it is advisable to ask the dealers about their prices, shipping costs and how soon you can expect deliveries.
·         Some comics may have significant value and it is always a good idea to check the reputation of the comic dealer and their experience in the business.


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