Escape rooms to help you break out of boredom

Why do people give their hard-earned money to companies to lock them inside windowless rooms? It is almost like paying for your kidnapping. Except, this time, you get to pick friends and family members, who get to stay with you inside these dungeons, 19th-century mansions or neo-noir mystery houses. Escape rooms are booming all over the world, fostering a surge of adrenaline-fuelled mystery solving skills. They are the perfect family getaway over the weekend or even the ideal bonding task for colleagues. A love for smart deduction and urge to defeat the mastermind behind mysteries drives the unity of participants.

How have escape rooms garnered popularity in the last few years?

Escape rooms have been trending for the better part of thelast decade, and that is no mystery. It has been partially famous due to the rise of social media marketing and partly due to the appraisal of the "nerd culture." While the intellectually-driven binary person was never the star, even a couple of years ago, popular culture has resulted in a shift of social dynamics. Intellectuals finally enjoy an enviable status in the world. Now calling someone, a 'nerd' is akin to a compliment. That might be because we live in a world that runs on the creation of beautiful minds, which introduced Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.

However, to geek out inside an escape room, you do not have to be a nerd. There are several difficulty levels you can choose from, apart from the dedicated Doctor Who and Star Wars themed rooms. You can enjoy cracking the puzzles inside Breaking Bad, and Prison Break inspired rooms. Movies, TV series and books have inspired many ideas of escape room Manhattan. The themes may be many; the idea is the same – each person feels the need to contribute to the escape journey of their team. It is an immersive experience for all participants. It teaches team spirit and helps people work together to achieve the same goal.

Who can enjoy these escape rooms?

In the initial years of escape room trend, marketers saw this as a premium opportunity to reach out to millennials. However, its current popularity transcends age groups. The first few escape rooms began as an attempt to entice college students, who wanted to escape their demanding schedule. The overwhelming response from the target group and participation of Gen-X and Gen-Y led to an explosion of the escape room market. It began as a 3-room experience in the University of Connecticut but soon expanded to an empire of over 2000 rooms across the US. Currently, the market enjoys exclusive attention of the Gen Y and Gen Z, although there are usually no age-caps for the participants. As long as you have the appetite for a good riddle and a spirit for the thrill, you are going to have fun.


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