Getting Started on Dirt Bike Riding, Having Fun and Staying Safe

Dirt bike riding may not be the easiest sport, but nobody is asking you to fly a chopper. You can make your experience fun and free of tumbles by learning a few lessons. The veterans may know of these lessons since they have been at it longer, so the newbies need to pay attention.
If you have been riding for a while, you are not exempted. You know that ego will only get you so far. The bike may not recognise or appreciate your showing off.
Here are a few home truths about dirt bike riding every rider needs to know:
1.      Do Not Work Alone!
You need a partner for several reasons:
·         To splash mud on.
·         To give you a pep talk.
·         To rile you up especially when you’re contemplating a tough hill climb
·         Safety
·         Memories.
A nice solitary ride is good once in a while, but you will have more fun when in a group. You can get dirty together and cheer each other on. Even more importantly, should you crash, you will have help close by in case you need it. Besides, it is no fun reminiscing alone.
2.      If You are a Beginner, Don’t Go for a Brand New Bike
This does not mean that you go for one of the dirt bike ancestors. One that has been used for a few years is all you need. There is comfort in knowing that your vintage bike has been through the motions before, so it is tried and tested. New machines are awesome, doubtless. There is that smell of new machines, and the performance is unparalleled. However, as a new rider, the superiority of a new dirt bike is nothing to get excited about. There are sites like at where you can find all the information concerning bikes and their parts. You can even find a dealership near you.
3.      The Gears
The almighty gears. Get protective clothing and other items.
·         Boots
·         Eye protection
·         Long pants
·         Helmet
·         Gloves
These are important. Remember that crashing and falling off the saddle is a regular occurrence here. You also do not want mud or dirt in your eyes; that is the fastest way to crash!
4.      Learn the Right Way
Learn the good habits. If you have to develop bad habits, invent your own, but get someone who will give you the right training. If you learn the wrong way, your progress will be slow, and you will look on enviously as your group advances and you are left behind. No fun.
5.      Do Local rides.
Do not be apprehensive about joining in on organized events. That is one way of building your confidence. It is also a great way to learn the terrain. However, ensure that you have finished your training sessions, and that you can ride quite competitively. You may not be as skilled as the rest, but you are riding with the big guns. That alone is quite an achievement.
Get your riding adventure started by getting your bike and a trainer, as well as learning all you can from sites such as at and other related sites, where you can not only get advice on everything bike related,  but also learn from the experts.


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