Learn the Different Types of Cushion Cut Diamonds and the Charm They Possess

For a long time now, the cushion cut diamonds have been highly sought after.This is because cushion cut diamonds have been immensely popular since the 19th century. Even today,it remains one of the most treasured cut due to its enchanting looks.

Most women prefer the cushion cut diamond engagement ring over many other diamond cuts even in the 21st Century.The cushion cut diamonds come in a few types which are divided according to the arrangement and the look of the facet pattern.
Cushion cuts are divided into antique, brilliant and modified brilliant.They have the following features:
·         The antique cushion cut diamond – This is also known as the vintage because it comes with fewer facets which are longer than their modern counterparts.These cuts were produced when technology had not really advanced so they have less brilliance compared to the modern cut cushions.The antique cushion cuts are very deep with a smaller face size and possess neither the charm nor the enchanting appeal that comes with a modern cushion cut.
·         The cushion brilliant – This cut has a facet arrangement that is very similar to the round brilliant cut diamonds.This facet widens at the center of the diamond towards the girdle, mirroring a star.It features large facets and does not possess any crushed ice look.Today, the cushion brilliant or the cushion modified brilliant has a large classification in the modern cushion cut.
·         Cushion modified brilliant – This cut is basically a variation of the original cushion brilliant shape.This cut comes with an extra row of facets which are aligned under the girdle. The facets on the pavilion do not extend up to the girdle.Instead, they resemble the shape of the flower.The cushion modified brilliant cuts are less expensive compared to the traditional cushion brilliant cut diamonds because there is no large demand for this particular cut.
·         Chunky cushions – They have a clearly defined facet pattern that is clearly discerned when viewed from the top.You can easily distinguish the shapes that are created by the facet lines if you are keen enough.These facet lines share many similarities with the round cut diamonds. They have a depth of 70% which is one of the many reasons why it is loved by many.
·         Crushed ice diamonds – This cut is full of sparkle that seems to reflect from all angels when the stone is exposed to light.Although the facet patterns cannot be clearly seen when viewed from the top, you will get to see the pieces that look like broken glass.The radiant cut looks similar to the crushed ice diamonds.
When considering buying a diamond for an engagement or wedding ring, it is advisable to go for the cushion cut diamonds because they are very popular and do not carry a price tag as hefty as the other diamonds.
By choosing to wear cushion cut diamonds, you are choosing vintage but modern classy diamonds that remain fashionable throughout.


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