Missing Types This Summer

Summer, sweet sweet summer! It is finally here and there are so many things to celebrate! From the end of the school year to the festivities around the 4th; the days at the pool and the road trips we will take. No matter how you look at it, life would not be the same without summer!

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Life also wouldn't be the same without blood donors. Summer is so busy that people often forget that even in the sweet summer season there is a real need for donated blood! Statistically, in the summer months donations decrease by 20%, but the need never ceases to be real.

This summer,  please don't be one of the missing types! There is no better time to give, the gift of life. It only takes one hour and can save so many lives! From cancer patients, to accident victims, to pregnant women and newborn babies, donated blood saves lives! Types A, B and O are always in need.

I know exactly how important donated blood is to new babies and moms! It was only 8 years ago that I had my first child. I can tell you that we had a birth plan. It did not include complications; nothing could have prepared me for the moment when my doctor told me that my son was experiencing fetal stress; that his heart rate was dropping and we needed to have an emergency c section right away to save his life. 

Our birth plan wasn't supposed to go like this. I wasn't supposed to have a surgical birth and I was not prepared to have my own complications during the emergency c section either!

Donated blood is the reason we are both here today. Without the kindness of strangers who took an hour out of their day, life would not be the same for my family. We simply wouldn't be here!

If you want to help save a life, click on over and learn more. Be sure to let us know how you want to help this summer when blood donations are always in need!


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