Staying Organized This Summer

It doesn't seem like it should be possible, but school is out and the fun of summer vacation is here. The kids have been begging for snacks, running through the sprinkler, splashing in the pool and having epic play sessions. I have been taking the time to get organized, go through baby toys, sort socks and you know, all of the fun things for moms.

This year I am determined to keep things in order. It might seem like a 3 month party at my house, but that won't stop me from having a comfy and tidy home. I am going to share a few of my best tips for getting organized and staying that way, even with the kids home for 3 months!  This post contains affiliate and partner links or sponsored content.

Give It a Sweep
Before organizing or cleaning anything, go through a room and sweep it with your eyes. Get an idea of what you are working with. Do you see trash? Items that belong in another room? Toys that are outgrown or broken? Now that you know what you will be getting into gather the trash, items to discard or donate and dirty clothes first. As you begin to organize, add small bins like my favorite Littles Carry All Caddy's from Thirty One. I love these for bedrooms because they are so handy for little hands! My son has one for matchbox cars and one for Angry Birds. My daughter has one for barbie accessories and one for bling. I love that these are affordable for all budgets at under $15, and they can be used in so many ways!

Put Function First
If your house is like mine, storage space is at a premium, and that means sometimes we end up with things we have nowhere to put. Like the indoor archery set that sits in my daughters room... When getting organized for summer, relocate those items that aren't often used and put function first. It is more practical to have room for items that are used often than it is to have bulky things acting like space hogs. I love the stand tall bins from Thirty One to store stuffed animals, barbie dolls and train tracks in the kids rooms.  Cubby's are another favorite organization tool of mine. I like the options with 6 to 12 squares as they offer plenty of room for adding a basket and giving all of the toys, games and accessories a space of their own.

Designate Spaces
We have started trying something new, everyone has a stuff bucket. We sit these on the stairs and add the things that accumulate downstairs to make tidying up as easy as clearing out your stuff bucket.
But, kids are a big part of our home, so I like to allow them their own areas for downstairs play with clearly defined storage options like totes, tubs or baskets.


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