The Choice is Clearly Crafted for Baby

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Brands but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Last week I got a dreaded message on my phone; storage space running low some functions may not work. I made a note with a sigh to start deleting some of the thousands of photos I have taken, videos I have made and to get rid of those space eating infrequently used apps in an effort to hold on to my phone for a little while longer. When I started getting into those pics and videos, I got a glimpse of the adventure that motherhood has been and a good chance to reflect on what I have learned, and what I am yet to figure out.

One of the things I can stop stressing, as someone else has already figured it out for me, is how to pick a great baby food.  The answer is clearly displayed, like these best for baby Happy Baby Clearly Crafted jars. I love that they are made with high-quality, organic ingredients. I know exactly what is in the jar and I can feel good about these first choices for my kids!

Spoon feeding is a great opportunity to bond with baby, and when you feel good about what you are feeding your baby, you can display that for positive association with healthy food.

If you are ready to introduce first foods, or if you are feeding a little one, now is a great time to stock up on Happy Baby Clearly Crafted. This high value coupon will save you $1 off of 3 jars, which is a great chance to save on wholesome options for your little one.

Making an empowered choice at the grocery store leads to a lifelong love of healthy eating for your babies. Happy Baby is a brand I have used for years with my kids and will continue to offer them until they are no longer babies. 

If you have leftover baby food, after the spoon feeding stage has ended, you might want to check out this fun waffle recipe that uses baby food in ways the whole family can enjoy!


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