The sweetness of Stevia goes up many more times due to its accompanying health benefits

Anything that contains less than 5 grams carbohydrate is good for qualifying as, and if you are using Stevia, you are consuming calorie-free sweetness. Carbohydrates are not good for health because it causes a number of diseases and is responsible for obesity too. Sugar not only increases the health risks for people already suffering from the sugar-related disease but it also can make a healthy person unhealthy.  For all practical purposes, it makes good sense to use sugar substitutes like Stevia that has incredible sweetness and helps to maintain the taste of products just like sugar.
Stevia is a plant product that has been in use as a sweetener since the 16th century. Earlier, its use was restricted for tea and other beverages but now that it is an able substitute for sugar.You can use Stevia for cooking foods too.  Unlike sugar that is rich in nutrients, Stevia is a non- nutritive sweetener meaning it does not have any calorie that can be bad for health.  Stevia encourages good health not only by being calorie free but it can help to improve some diseases conditions and induce a feeling of well being. Let us now look at the health benefits of Stevia.

A healthy meal for those who have diabetes

People who have diabetes often fear starvation as the choice of food becomes very much restricted.  However, those who use Stevia instead of sugar can enjoy all kinds of foods, as they do not have to fear about the adverse effects of calories while enjoying tasty and sweet foods. Stevia does not have any effect on insulin response or blood glucose as studies have revealed. 

Control your body weight

Stevia is good for those who want to keep their body weight under control.  Intake of sugar is one of the reasons for the increase in body weight although consuming food rich in energyelements, and sedentary lifestyle are also responsible for it. On an average, 16% of the total calories that go into our body comes from sugar.  The best sweetening products being free from calories and perhaps sweeter than sugar help to keep energy intake under control without sacrificing taste.

Pancreatic cancer

Although Stevia is well known for its calorie free properties, it has some more health elevating properties that have come to light. Stevia is rich in antioxidant compounds and sterols, and it contains kaempferol, a type of flavonoid.  Kaempferol is an anti-cancer agent and helps to fight obesity, too. Studies have shown that Kaempferol can reduce the risks of pancreatic cancer by 23 percent and it holds good promise in the treatment of heart disease.

Control blood pressure

Stevia extract contains a type of glycosides that helps to dilate blood vessels thereby avoiding the possibilities of high blood pressure.  It also helps to increase urine output and enhances sodium excretion. Studies have shown that glycosides in Stevia can reduce high blood pressure.
 Most importantly, humans can tolerate Stevia very well as it is nonallergic.


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