What to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Wedding Venues

Finding the perfect wedding venue for your wedding is not as easy as it sounds. There are probably thousands of venues to choose from which does not make it any easier.

·         The venue must be accessible. You do not want to think about walking the tightrope in your gown to get there.
·         You must be able to afford it. There's no need starting your marriage life with debts. Terrible.
·         The weather must be conducive. You do not want to be outside on a snowy evening, or inside in the heat of the summer.
·          It must also be beautiful; wedding beautiful. Some places are more suited for picnics rather than weddings.
What else should you consider in your efforts to get the best wedding venue? You should already have in mind some ideas on what your preferred venue should be like. That way, if the venue does not at least meet 95% of your specifications, you can move on to another one. But first…
1.      Availability
You might be stressing over a venue that is not even available. First, make sure it is available. Do not assume it will be. There are some venues which are booked years in advance and not just for weddings either. Finding out that your dream venue is not available a few days to the wedding can be very frustrating as you need time to book an alternative venue. Check well in advance.
2.      The Size of the Venue
How big is your wedding list? Your guests should not be packed into the venue like cookies in a cookie jar. Make sure you inquire about capacity and go for one that holds even more than the guests you have on your list. Also, ensure that there is enough space for the activities you plan on having.
3.      Can you afford it?
As mentioned earlier, it must fit your budget. Obviously you want a beautiful venue that will blow everyone’s mind, but you cannot afford to go beyond your budget. Even if you want to create a lifetime of memories, remember it is a one-day event and you should not run into debt because of that.
4.      Ease of Access
Can everyone access and leave the venue easily? Most guests would like a venue they can get to, and leave fast. If they have to be airlifted or have to wait for boats, they might choose to skip the wedding altogether.
5.      Accommodation
You might have guests who have travelled from far to come and grace your special occasion, and cannot get back home the same day. Make sure that the venue you choose is not too far from convenient accommodation. They will not feel appreciated if they have to sleep in their cars as the nearest hotel is miles away.
6.      Do they have the essentials that you need?
There should be chairs, tables and dance floors at the very least. Most of these venues post beautiful glossy photos of weddings they have hosted and you see the furniture and cutlery and assume that comes as a package. To avoid being utterly shocked on your wedding day and looking unprepared, verify that they provide those essentials.
You must also consider other aspects like catering, parking and a plan B in case the weather acts up. If you land the best wedding venue within your budget and specifications, then you have a lot to be grateful for because that is a milestone.


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