5 Benefits of Consolidating Your Student Loans

Sometimes one can consider consolidating their student loans to make repayment easier. Consolidation combines multiple loans into one, hence you will only be required to pay a fixed interest rate and one monthly repayment for all your debts. Read on to know the immense benefits of consolidating your loan into one.

Lower monthly payments
The repayment of student loans usually takes about five to twenty years depending on what you owe. When you extend your term of repayment, then you will be able to pay a much lower monthly payment than what you were initially paying.  This is advantageous, especially for individuals who are on a tight budget. Furthermore, extra dollars in your pockets can be used for other things like saving up for a house or a car.

Lower interest rate
A consolidation may earn you a lower interest rate, which is an obvious advantage for you. This means that you will have more cash in your pocket every month and over the repayment period. You will also be able to repay all your debts faster. You will definitely have a lower interest rate if you have a better credit score and the interest rates have dropped over the years.

Get a fixed rate loan
 A Student Loan Consolidation can help you get a fixed rate loan rather than service a debt with a variable interest rate. Federal student loans usually have a fixed rate. This means that the interest rates will vary depending on the inflation and money market.  Variable interest rate debts may seem easy to pay if the prevailing interest rates are low. However, you may end up paying much more if the rates rise. Therefore, it’s best to go for private loans that have fixed interest rates.

Earn more money
Most financial institutions will offer their clients flexible terms of repayment on their loans. Some banks will base your monthly repayments on the amount of cash that you earn every month. Other institutions will gradually increase your monthly repayments over time. This is beneficial, especially for individuals who are fresh from school and are just earning an entry level salary. This is because you can have more money in your account after the loan deductions.

Release your loan guarantors
To qualify for student loans, most scholars require a co-signer. This is because students do not have a credit history and have little or no income. However, after clearing your schooling and getting employment, one becomes financially steady. Therefore, they can release their loan guarantors from their student debt. This enables your co-signer to get loans from financing institutions for a vehicle, home and much more.

Student loan consolidations are ideal for individuals who are servicing multiple loans. Repaying several loans from different lenders may even make the situation worse as it can be difficult to keep up with the payment deadlines. Consolidation allows you to pay all your debts in one easy monthly payment. This way, you will know your payment deadlines and easily keep track of the amount you owe and to which financial institution.


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