All About Animals!

This is an oldie,, but to keep the site afloat this summer we are sharing old content again.

We were on the highway last week and we were nearing a horse farm. My husband asked my son Roo "What kind of animals are those?" Roo very seriously told him "Monkeys Dad." I chimed in, "Are you sure they are monkeys?"  He replied "Yes, monkeys." End of discussion.

Now, was this Roo not even looking and just saying whatever he wanted to end the conversation? (4 year olds are even more teenager-ish at times than threenagers are...) or did we really need to revisit animals?

When we got home that day I asked Roo if he wanted to make a craft. He said "Uh huh...." and went about playing {see, the whole preschool teenager thing! They stop listening and start replying uh huh at this age?!}

I got out a piece of red construction paper and I asked my 4 going on 14 year old to draw a barn on it. He wanted to resist the request, but he was too curious to see what was to come.

After he had a barn shape {with a little hand over hand help from his critically acclaimed artist of a mother...}
I handed him a few of these really cute animal cut out shapes I had and a glue stick.

As he glued each animal on to the barn, I asked him "What is that? What does he say?" This was fun, who doesn't love to make animal sounds?!  And we refreshed our memories on animal shapes. We also talked about what animals really don't live in barns (the gorillas or the squirrels} and where those animals might live.

Roo wanted to talk about what animals drink, he thought it was pretty hilarious that all animals drink water. He decided that most animals eat corn too, which was neat!


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