Can Games Really Improve Your Memory?

Can Games Really Improve Your Memory?

You have probably seen a number of online articles praising video games for their beneficial effects on cognitive abilities. However, you also know that not everything you read online is true. So, you probably want to know if computer games can really improve your memory. The short answer is yes, but there are certain circumstances, for the long answer, read the article.

At this moment in time, you will get conflicting information if you look for the answer to this question. Numerous ads are going around saying that video games should help make you smarter. They also advertise that they will keep your brain young through the years. But, there are also articles that show the exaggeration of those ads. In fact, some even try to debunk those claims entirely. So, in the end, are brain-training games really worth your time?

Well, newer studies show that they are. They really can help you improve your memory and your overall mood. And they are especially beneficial to older individuals who are experiencing negative effects of aging. But, it is not that simple. The studies had people closely monitoring the group game training. And one thing that research reviews found was that the games were not as effective at home environments. It turns out that you require company if you want to see significant improvements. However, the benefits are still there. Also, different types of game tasks can help you in different ways. Let’s take a look:
1. Video Games That Will Make You Multitask
A lot of silly games offer tons of fun, but, not many will actually help you enhance your memory. So, if you just play a brainless action game, you are not very likely to reap the benefits. Instead, you should find a game that requires you to multitask.

Usually, these games will have you reacting to multiple stimuli at the same time, while performing the task at hand. That way, you have to employ your working memory more, and will eventually see an improvement. You will also need to have an excellent recall to be able to react in time.

Some recent studies show that multitasking games can help you work under pressure, and in spite of distractions. But, most importantly for this article, they will help you retain and recall information.
2. Games That Include Strategy Development
A lot of computer games require a lot of strategic thinking from your end. And, if you are just reacting to immediate stimuli, you will mostly just employ your short-term memory. However, to play some games competently, you will have to memorize the most effective strategies. Take chess for example. Sure, you can always try to wing it, but odds are, the player with a better strategy will win. And remember, playing chess against a computer can be harder than trying to beat world champions. After all, even the best of the best are mostly unable to beat high-level chess engines.

3. Gambling Games
Believe it or not, a lot of gambling games require excellent memory. If you actually want to be relatively successful at it, you will have to work your brain to its limits. Namely, gambling involves serious math, analysis, and, of course, memory. You have to be able to do it all in your mind and remember every single digit. If you enjoy playing blackjack or poker, you have to remember every card that you saw.

As we know, the best way to improve a skill is to use it as much as you want. So, you can freely head out and try your hand at gambling online if you want. Of course, to minimize your losses, you should first look for online mobile casinos that offer no deposit bonuses for signing up. At this point in time, most will tell you that casinos in New Zealand are probably the best ones for their online offers. Just make sure to play games that don’t rely solely on luck.
4. Memory Training Games
We have saved the best for last. Training games are games that were specifically made to help you develop your memory. These games are usually made by companies that want to improve their employee training methods. And, they work. A recent 12-month long study that included over 6,000 people shows that training games clearly help people retain correct knowledge.

So, if you are truly trying to remember something, turning it into a game can be an effective learning method.
The Conclusion
As we can see, games can actually help you improve your abilities. However, not every game will do so. You should focus on finding and playing games that can help you train different aspects of your memory. Try games that require you to use your brain to its fullest potential, whether it is by having you multitask and accomplish multiple goals, or simply forcing you to remember challenging scenarios.


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