Enjoying the Beaches of Malta and Gozo

Whether it is the season of prickly heat or shivering-cold weather, the beaches are never really off the travel chart. The fine sand on your toes, and warm embrace of the sun, together with the splashes of pristine waters is a different kind of comfort away from home and work. For lovers of marine lif, scenic coasts, and underwater views, you will surely fall for the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Malta and Gozo, two of the largest islands in the Maltese Archipelago, features numerous beaches with picturesque views, laudable vacation offers, and warm and welcoming people. Malta, sometimes referred to as Valleta, is the largest among the islands. Its 246 km2 landscape is rich with beautiful bays, small hills, and terraced fields. It’s really easy to go around these two islands with a rental car. There are tons of affordable car rental companies in Malta so you won’t find it difficult to get a car during your trip.

Second to the island of Malta is Gozo. Comparatively rural, this island highlights traditional life rooted in agriculture and fishing. Its topography is rich in low hills, green plain fields, edgy cliffs, and majestic coastlines. Relatively smaller than its sister island Malta, Gozo stretches to 67 km2, and is strongly associated to the island home of the nymph Calypso – Ogygia – in Homer’s Odyssey.

Following is a list of beaches to help you know the best places to visit when real estate in Malta and Gozo.

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay, locally known as Ir-Ramla I-Hamra, which directly translates to Red Sand, is the finest beach in Gozo, and one of the finest in the world. It is known as Gozo’s largest sandy bay, and is naturally surrounded by countryside, and settles below the mythological Cave of Calypso. It also features a statue of the Virgin Mary at almost the center of the area. Its sand is naturally reddish-gold in color, a contrast against the clear blue waters, and is almost free from pebbles due to its fine texture. Families planning to bring their toddlers are free to let them enjoy the sand bare! Swimming is also a must, as the waters are clean, clear, and calm. For couples, long romantic walks are also an option.

Golden Bay
The Golden Bay is located northwest of Malta, and is considered as the most popular beach to visit among tourists along with other beaches as Gnejna and GhajnTuffieha. Its area stretches greatly with sand in a light cream hue. What makes this beach even prized is the fact that it sits on virgin land – undeveloped countryside, and features an amazing view of the sunset. Atop sits the Radisson Golden Sands Hotel, part reason for the beach’s popularity.

Its pristine waters and surrounding cliffs make it a great place for snorkeling. It is also a favorite for those setting up barbeques. Its large stretch, likewise, accommodates beach sports and parties. Golden Bay currently obtains the Beach of Quality status.

Mellhiera Bay

Considered as the largest and most popular sandy beach in Malta, the Mellieha Bay commonly known as Ghadira Bay, is located north of the island leading to the Gozo terminal.

The waters of Mellieha Bay is desirably shallow, about 15 to 60 centimeters, that goes off to about a mile, with depths depending on the day’s water current. Generally, the water is declared safe to swim; however, there are advised swim zones. Children are safe to enjoy the water, remaining that adults supervise their leisure activities. Those wishing for a swim can visit the deeper parts of the water.

The beach accommodates outdoor activities as skiing, and paddle boating (also known as pedalos). At night, tourists and locals can enjoy bars and cafes. Winter months are relatively calmer compared to summers’ when tourists livens the beach.

Gnerjna Bay

Gnejna Bay is among the popular destinations to visit when in Malta. The bay is situated west of Malta, and is mostly sand, but is also known for its limestone cliffs, and scenic clay slopes. Nearing it are largely visited historical sites as the CastelloZammitello built in 1675, and Lippija Tower in 1637.

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