Fuel For My Summer

The kids are home from school and we are busy! There are meetings, practices and play dates to make it to on time, entirely too many trips to the grocery store and not enough time to accomplish much of anything other than running!

To say my energy levels have taken a drastic hit is an understatement. I realized a few weeks into the summer break that I needed to up my game and start taking a vitamin! I looked at the standard ones at the grocery store, but they are all the same. Then I stumbled across a unique company called Jeunesse Global and I started to check out their products.

I love that Jeunesse has products for your skin, your health and your mind.

The Jeunesse Global Am and PM blends of vitamins are perfect for my busy life. They help me get additional nutrients and vitamins in my day, have the fuel to chase after the kids, and get a great night of sleep in a convenient vitamin blend.

Adding vitamins seems like such a small step to make in my day that the way I feel is unbelievable. I truly feel healthier, better rested and fueled with adequate energy to dash the kids here and there all summer long. I wish I had started taking vitamins so much sooner.

I would love to hear how you make sure you are getting proper vitamins and minerals in your busy life. In this world of fast food and hectic schedules it can be hard to get everything needed in our diets. Adding vitamins is an easy way to get what is best for your body.

Drinking water with fresh fruit and herbs is another great way to add something good to your diet. If you have any great tips for increasing energy and selecting the right vitamins, I hope you will leave a comment to inspire me!


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