How is SMS Marketing Important For The Future Of Your Business?

Are you using SMS marketing for promoting your business to customers? 2018 is the year of mobile marketing for small to large businesses. If you have not started SMS marketing campaign for your present or potential customers, you are certainly lagging behind. It is high time you start one now!

How does SMS marketing help?

The following are the top ways how SMS marketing helps your business-

1.              Convenience for the customer-It is cumbersome and time consuming for business owners to log into a messaging interface and send out a single message to every customer. If you can do it with a cellphone, the process becomes hassle-free and instant. Take a look at all your customers today; they are all owners of cellphones. Sms can be sent out to any phone. This means even if your customer does not have a smartphone, he or she will receive the message from your end. Statistics reveal that customers open their cellphones within 5 minutes after receiving a text message. It is effective over email. Customers generally do not check their emails every morning at a specific time. A mobile text message is convenient for them as they can receive and read it instantly. Moreover, customers often send junk mail to the trash folder, and so they may or may not read emails that are not relevant for them. A message is something that needs to open as it has no subject line. The message is read instantly after they unlock their phones. Moving towards mobile marketing is one of the best things that every business owner can do in order to reach out to the customer with new products and services. The customer will not be dissatisfied as an SMS does not need to be read like an email. It is generally short and simple. In short, it is extremely rewarding for both the business and the consumer.

2.          Better returns on investments for company owners- SMS marketing campaigns helps you to get instant access to those that buy your products. You can effectively send a text to thousands of subscribers in seconds. This generates revenue in seconds. Even if you are following best practices for mobile, this strategy helps you to bring in huge growth for your company.

A a well-known company in the field of SMS marketing,SimpleTexting says that SMS marketing is here to stay as smartphones are not going to disappear from the lives of people. Smartphones have made lives easier, and people are unlikely to replace it with something else. Mobile marketing has just begun, and it is applicable to both small and large businesses. Though the concept is new and business owners are not sure about it, you do not have to worry about how to use it. There is help at hand. Many reputed SMS marketing companies are coming forward to help you create a customized campaign for businesses. No matter what you deal with, SMS marketing is meant for everyone!'

Get increased conversions for your products and services

SMS marketing is reputed for its efficacy to provide business owners with an incredible reach to their customers. If you take a look at open rates of a text message they are much higher over emails. In fact, the open rates are better over Google links, video ads and other forms of online advertising that businesses generally resort to for marketing and promoting their businesses. Know about digital marketing services

Strategy planning and objectives

When it comes to SMS marketing campaigns for your business, you must have a well-created strategy in place. Your campaign should not be a waste of money and time. So, think of what your objective is and discuss this with your mobile marketing service provider. You need creative and innovative campaigns to reach out to your audience. Now the question that comes to mind is how you will start? 

The word "mobile" is a buzzword, and so that means when you focus your marketing campaign, eliminate all digital ads. The consumer is now focused on mobiles, and the best way to reach out to them is via their mobile phones. Text messaging is even more popular over voice calls today. Research today suggests that the average consumer spends over 5 hours daily on their smartphones. They check their phones over 80 times in a day. This means your text message will reach the consumer and it will not be ignored. With a simple text, you can reach out to your customer with dozens of lucrative offers. Of course, you need to schedule them wisely. If you bombard the consumer with too many text messages, chances are very high that he or she will block the number. The key here is to send them a text message in such a way that they will act.

How can you attain this?

The following are some ways to improve SMS marketing campaigns and make them successful for your business-
1.            Reward present customers – be creative and reward customers in different ways. You may send out personalized offers to loyal customers. If they buy gifts for friends and family, you can give them special discount codes. There are several ways via which you can reach out to your consumers and promote your brand through SMS.
2.                 In-store opportunities- You can give your customers some attractive in-store promotions via text message. This is a unique way for you to promote your brand. You may give your customers a mobile coupon to use if they visit your store and purchase the items that you wish to promote.
3.                  Social media- Use the power of social media and ask your loyal customers to connect on your business page where you will inform them of exciting offers and discounts for your brand.

From the above, it is evident that SMS marketing is here to stay and if you are looking for consistent growth and ROI for your business, bank on its benefits today!


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