How to optimise seating arrangements inside and outside your cafe with commercial furniture solutions

Cafe culture has been around for decades. Even today, you will see new cafes bloom around street corners like oases in a desert. They offer repose to the thinkers, writers, solitary workers, freelancers and romantic couples. Getting away from the maddening crowd was never easier in Sydney. In a bustling city, quaint cafes and cozy restaurants offer the occasional getaway. Even with the same menu and service, some cafes are impressive success stories, while others fade away as fast as they came. Business experts cite the lack of optimal resource distribution and improper marketing as the cause of their failure, but there has to be something more, right?

Cafes need to work extensively on their interior and exterior seating. The ambience is everything that distinguishes one establishment from another unless their menus are significantly different. Apart from the occasional promotional offers, there is nothing much that has the power to set your establishment apart from the one on the next street corner. Interior design and decor has transcended the boundary of the residential property and stepped into the genre of commercial spaces recently. Several interior design companies specifically serve retail establishments like cafes and restaurants. Contract design takes care of everything from seating arrangements to space planning. These companies take charge of hotels, restaurants, canteens, and cafes for meticulous utilisation of the available space.

Making the first purchase is not going to be easy unless you have expert help around the corner. You need to start from scratch if this is your first cafe. Start with the types of commercial furniture, the price of setting them up, the ideal utilisation of floor space and the potential of your cafe for outdoor seating. French style cafes often opt for outdoor seats that have patio umbrellas and weatherproof furniture. However, this will depend on how much open space you have adjacent to your establishment. Several cafes have particular window seating arrangement for the customers, who would like an unabated view of the street and the people outside. If your window gives a direct view of a park, garden or an impressive cityscape, you might want to capitalise that by choosing the right kind of furniture.

Why do experienced cafe owners prefer commercial furniture over residential furniture solutions?

As you can understand, running a restaurant or a cafe business entails a lot of arrangement and rearrangement of the furniture pieces in the coming years. Additionally, we do hope your venture will attract a lot of patrons, who will use the tables and chairs regularly. That calls for regular cleaning, maintenance, and durability. Unless you want to invest in new furnishing almost every alternate year, there is no reason you should not go for commercial solutions for Cafe Furniture Sydney. All forms of commercial furniture have more endurance and resistance to weather changes than residential furniture. That is true for steel and wrought iron table-chair sets, light PVC-plastic sets and fabric infused designs that top cafes and restaurants in the city use right now.
Here are a few styles of seating that might increase the appeal of your establishment to your target audience –

i.                    Regular chairs – these chairs can be metal or wooden. Irrespective of the material of their mainframes, they should be easy to wash and wipe from time to time. Moisture, cleaning agents and sunlight should not assault their integrity even with years of rigorous use. Stackable chairs are great space savers and flexibility options for small cafes that serve an extensive customer-base.

ii.                  Bar stools – the wooden bar stools impart a classic, eclectic look to the cafe. Several owners also choose metal bar stools as they are easier to clean up. The material of choice for the seat can be a thinker. You can pick vinyl, wood or steel since all of them are easy to wipe down after a day's work. You can also pick up the base and the seat separately since this can give you more options for customisation.

iii.                Benches and plush seats – these are very common at informal setups. A plus seat beside the window or under the wooden staircase can create nooks for regular customers, who come to cafes to work. Benches are great options for large groups, who like to converse, discuss ideas and finish some work at the tables. Creating micro-environments for each niche customer type you encounter on a regular basis can help you attract loyal patrons.

iv.                 Highchairs – this is not mandatory for cafes and restaurants, but you will come across families or working parents, who like to grab a coffee before they drop their child off on their way to work. Having a comfortable highchair will give the parent a much-needed break. Always remember to keep two or three highchairs or booster-seats around. You can go with wooden ones or plastic seats, depending on your interior decor and theme. You might want to check out commercial highchairs that are stackable and mobile for ease of rearrangement.

v.                   Outdoor seating – outdoor chairs are usually not as diverse in their styles and design as the indoor ones. Outdoor seating usually involves metal, plastic chairs, and wicker. No matter which material you choose, the end-result (chair) should be weatherproof and UV-resistant. There is no shortage of sunshine in the city, and you should ensure that the outdoor or patio furniture can withstand a high intensity of natural light on a regular basis. Choosing residential furniture for outdoor seating in place of commercial ones can lead to recurring expenses on the cafe's account due to the wear-and-tear that the harsh weather can cause.

This piece was just about the seating inside and outside your cafe. The full list of the furniture requirements of commercial spaces involves tables, coat hangers, crowd control barriers, countertops and, tray stands. Commercial furniture solutions for your business can help you save a fortune by delivering long-lived, attractive and space-efficient furniture to your doorstep. Additionally, all leading retail cafe solutions have consultants, who can help you make the most of your available space.


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