Laws Related to One-Punch Offences and Drunken Behaviour

Many people drink in Australia, and the culture of drinking is very predominant. However, along with alcohol, the nation sees many anti-social behaviours done as a result of people drinking too much. Such actions and behaviour in Australia is usually a criminal law offence. The offender is entitled to imprisonment even if there is one punch that results in the death of the other person. Awareness and safety measures need to be improved for the person to be able to reach home safely after a night of heavy drinking.

Understanding the criminal offences committed under the influence of alcohol
People need to be aware of the consequences of their actions when they consume excessive alcohol and take personal responsibility for the same. The NSW Government has rolled out a series of measures for tackling the issue. However, even if there is a one-punch case, the offender will be convicted. There are many laws in Australia that are prescriptive, and they remove the discretion of the court to consider the circumstances of the offender. It makes it hard for the juries to convict offenders and it increases the costs of the judicial process. If the laws are not clearly defined, the number of cases will rise.

Understanding the law of one-punch drunken brawl cases in Australia
Esteemed criminal lawyer Perth professionals are of the view that this one -punch drunkcase legislation that currently implies that if a person is intoxicated and hits another person only once resulting in death, he or she will be convicted. The person will face at least eight years in jail. However, in the case of one-punch offences where a sober person hits another person many times resulting in death, he or she does not have to face this mandatory 8-year imprisonment in jail.
Now, if you carefully examine the above legislation, you will find no two offenders or assaults are the same. The above restrains the discretionary power of the court when pronouncing a sentence for drunken behaviour in Australia.

Role of hotels, clubs and pubs
In the meantime, hotels, clubs and pubs play a vital role in tackling drunken behaviour in the area. The key here is to help their patrons reach home safely. Australia is well-known for its drinking culture and home safety after night is of foremost importance. Responsible clubs, pubs and hotels have reinforced their security measures and ensure the responsible service of alcohol. These pubs, clubs and hotels assist their patrons home rather than letting them off after excessive drinking bouts.

Legal experts in the field suggest there is an option to help reduce drunken brawls and behaviour. They suggest introducing shuttle buses so that people can get home safely. There is a shortage of taxis and buses mostly in the night. Though clubs, hotels and pubs can take the responsibility of helping the patrons get back home, the government can introduce more shuttle buses from prominent venues in the night so that people under the influence of alcohol can get transportation to go back home safely.


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