Replace glass windows or Repair it? Overcome the dilemma by using these tips

Old windows might not be any good for use as you need more energy efficient windows. Even if the window glasses are intact, it might not be performing to the desired level to provide proper home insulation. Naturally, you might think about glass replacement Perth, so that you could use glass that offers better insulation. However, you must know that the U-factor which denotes insulation level does not depend on glazes alone but also on the window material as well as the quality of workmanship during its construction and installation. Leakages in windows can damage the insulation factor.  Taking everything into consideration, you might even think of replacing windows. For older homes, replacing windows is a right decision for making homes more energy efficient.
In this article, we will discuss, what you should consider, if you decide to replace windows.

Are the windows too old?

Looking from the cost perspective, if windows are relatively new, but you face the problem of broken or cracked glasses, then replacing the glass is always a cost-effective option.  You save a lot like the cost of replacing an entire window is always much higher.  Working with a reputed Perth glass repairing company can give more value for money.  However, if the windows are old and there are gaps and damages at places, and the fitting has worn out, then just by replacing glasses you cannot improve the insulation. Replacing windows is the only option in such cases.

New look for homes

Your home might be quite old, and the appearance is far away from the modern trends. You might like to maintain the old-world charm while demonstrating your inclination for staying tuned with times by giving a facelift to the building aesthetics.  You can think of replacing the broken or cracked glasses for windows that do not have any other defects and for defective windows replacement is the only solution.  Get the windows inspected by professional glass repairers who can advise you on the right course of action.  If you are not concerned about heritage value then replacing all windows with DGU is a possible alternative that would increase the energy efficiency of your home.

What you can afford

Whether window replacement or repair would be good for you depends on your affordability.  The cost of repairing a few windows including changing glass would cost much less than replacing even one or two windows. The decision would depend on your affordability and how serious is the need for replacement.  Evaluate the ground realities to work out what would be best for you.
At the need, the decision about replacement or repairing windows becomes a completely commercial one.  Since you need to invest heavily in replacing windows, besides being able to bear the cost you must also consider the viability of spending. If you are planning to move out from home after some time and have plans of selling it, then repairing is always better than replacement. You may even think of investing with the goal of getting higher returns through sales.


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