Are you the right candidate for getting breast implants?

Artists and scholars have praised the beauty of women and their natural bodies for centuries. The delicate impression of a narrow waist and full breasts are common in the romantic period literature and Renaissance artwork. All women wish they could look as appealing and graceful as the Aphrodite of Milos. Sadly, like many beautiful things, the beauty of a woman's physique does not last forever. Lest you find a professional "sculptor," who can restore your youth and make you look evergreen. Breast augmentation is one process which can help you in this by getting rid of the drooping breasts. An asymmetric bust-line or sagging breasts from years of breastfeeding can take a severe toll on your self-esteem and confidence.

Five questions to help you understand if breast augmentation is the right choice for you

Older women often shy away from beach vacations because they feel unattractive and old in their bikinis. Everyone has the right to enjoy holidays, social gatherings and the occasional compliment on how gorgeous they look. Breast augmentation can help you look young and feel attractive once again. However, not all women can or have the privilege to undergo breast reconstruction or augmentation surgeries. Are you one of the fortunate ones, who can? Let us find out in 5 precise points:
i.                    Are you healthy?
Women need to be in overall good health to undergo breast augmentation and implant surgeries. You should not have any cardiac problems, and you should be able to tolerate the anesthetics surgeons use during the procedure. If you are looking for the necessary tests to undertake before the surgerythen consult with breast implant Singapore specialists. 

ii.                  What are your expectations from the surgery?
Women often believe that going under the knife for breast enhancement will help them find love or improve a relationship. However, it is just a cosmetic surgery that can alter the way your breasts look. The operation can boost your looks, your confidence, and self-esteem.

iii.                Are you of appropriate age?
There are several age constraints for different kind of augmentation procedures. Saline implants are usually suitable for women of at least 18 years. For receiving silicone gel implants, you need to be of at least 22 years of age.

iv.                What is your healing rate?
It usually takes a week for women to get used to the new implants. If you tend to form hard capsules around incisions and wounds, you need to talk to your doctor before going under the knife.

v.                  Do you have any prior records of allergy to the materials used in surgery?
Although rare, some people can be allergic to some of the chemicals and medications doctors use during the surgery. That can increase the health risks of the procedure significantly. You should always talk to your surgeon about the loss of sensation in the areola, capsular contraction and breastfeeding challenges in the future.

Unless you are currently breastfeeding, suffering from any form of cancer or pre-cancer, or thinking about the procedure under pressure from someone else, you can opt for breast augmentation. Always consult your GP for a thorough test of recurrent and sporadic infections before the surgery.


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