Timely preventive action can ensure mold free air ducts for maintaining good indoor air quality

HVAC systems at homes have now become very popular for creating a comfortable living environment that provides relief from the unpredictable and often harsh climatic conditions.  The effects of global warming are taking its toll on the climate, and the weather is worsening.  Today, you just cannot think of living without installing an HVAC system. The system helps to mitigate the effects of extreme weather conditions by creating a comfortable climate inside homes that makes you forget what is happening outside. Whether it is extremely hot or cold outside, the weather simply does not matter, as inside the house you enjoy the ideal condition for living comfortably, courtesy the HVAC system. However, everything about HVAC system might not be as good as you think. Just as medicines have side effects, HVAC systems too, have side effects.

Mold formation– a side effect of HVAC system

The central air conditioning system installed at homes also comes with the facility of warming the indoor air when the outside climate becomes too cold. The dual role of heating and cooling that the system is capable of undertaking reflects in the name HVAC, which means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.  Since the system is also responsible for ventilation, it is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of indoor air quality. However, this is where the problem begins.
Indoor air quality can often turn bad due to the presence of mold in air ducts of the HVAC system.  No, it is not because the system is defective that could make you think about air conditioning replacement. The problem happens with all HVAC systems and not that it has happened to you only. Even a new system will encounter the same problems if you do not take preventive measures.

Mold growth in air ducts

The air ducts provide the passage for distribution of cold or hot air throughout the entire place. When cold air passes through the ducts and comes in contact with the warm air outside the ducts, it results in condensation of water particles inside the duct.  Thus, it creates a hot and humid environment inside the ducts that is extremely favorable for mold growth. The mold spores floating in the air lose no time to gather inside the ducts and start building colonies that keep spreading very fast. Molds thus contaminate the air that reaches the rooms, and the inhabitants are exposed to a number of health problems.  Molds in air ducts are the unseen enemy that you have to deal with a heavy hand.

To keep the indoor air clean and free from pollutants the HVAC system uses filters at places where it draws air from the atmosphere, purifies it and then discharges it into the system. Although the same air keeps circulating in a loop within the system, on its return path through the ducts it receives mold exposure that pollutes it. Find reputable cleaners Chicago to get the job done.

To avoid the problem, arrange for periodic inspection and cleaning of air ducts that not only removes mold but also inhibits further growth.


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