7 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners During the Spring Rainy Season

Spring brings fun not only for us but for our pets as well! This beautiful season brings everyone out of their homes to have relaxed and tranquil outings, be it you or your pets. After the long winters when your pet has spent most of the time being inside the house, it is the right time to let them out to have some great time in the warm temperature among the fresh flowers and breeze.

Spring is also the time when you start your house cleaning to keep yourself and your pets all healthy and fit. Here are a few springs and rainy cleaning tips for smoother cleaning process:

Cleaning of the pet bowls
Most of us do not manage to clean the pet bowls every day of the winder and thus, it becomes one of the dirtiest items in the list. Clean the pet bowl using hot water and a good detergent. Consider washing the bowl every day for a safer experience. Using a vinegar and water solution mixed in the ratio 1:1 can is recommended for best results.

Clean your pet’s beddings
It is very important to clean your pet’s beddings to make sure that they don’t fall ill. You must wash all the bed covers in warm water using a good quality detergent. Add few drops of lemon or a few grams of baking soda to make them smell fresh. Make a practice of vacuuming their beds every other day.

Remove all the pet hair from the house
In order to clean the pet hairs from the furniture, you can use a good quality rubber glove. Get rid of all the hair by simply wetting the glove and taking it through the furniture where your pets have been.

Clean the pet toys
The pets’ toys are very dirty items that could result in serious health conditions because of all the germs on it. You can wash all the soft toys in the machine by using a good detergent and the other ones using the 1:1 vinegar and water solution.

Clean up your pet’s collar
The pet’s collar is one of the most neglected items while cleaning. You can clean the collar by using some mild shampoo with hot water. For best results, it is advised to soak it for some time before rinsing it thoroughly.

Cleaning the litter box
Cleaning the litter box involves the same process as cleaning the toys and the bowl. Use a 1:1 water plus vinegar solution to obtain a germ-free and odorless container.

Get the urine smell out of your house
It is really important to get rid of the pet’s urine smell out of the house for a cleaner and fresher environment. Using an odor neutralizer can help you with getting rid of the stubborn odor out of your house. But, if you feel that you need help from professionals, try SimplyMaids and consult with them to solve the problem all together.
Cleaning your home before you hit summer is the way to have a healthy and happy year. Proper cleaning of your home during spring will ensure that any kinds of potential health risks can be easily eliminated not just for your family but also for your pet.
Happy Cleaning!


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