I Got Happy At Target and You Can Too #ChooseHappyGC

August is here, and the tone in my house varies between elation of the start of school and sadness for the end of summer. We swing in both directions daily. There have been a few moments of feeling like the lady in the viral video who is ready to buy the teacher a microwave.

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I might not go that far, as tempting as it is, but I did get Happy in Target when grabbing supplies and clothes. I want to start the year with a token of gratitude and well wishes for the new year, and this year we have a male teacher in the mix. I found it hard to decide what would be an appropriate gift for someone that will have such an influence over my child's education that I don't know well.

Happy Cards at Target are the perfect solution for gifting any special guy in your life; from your husband to a special teacher, and everyone in between. These are a no fee gift card that can be used at so many shops and restaurants! From Cracker Barrel to Burger King. Auto Zone to Sephora, Happy Cards are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face with the variety to spend how you like at a number of great shops!

Happy Cards can be loaded with $20-$500 and can be paid for with cash, credit or debit for convenience of the gift giver! You can earn fuel points on Happy Card purchases, to double dip into savings and awesome gift giving. Find a location near you to get Happy Cards.

I hope that our gift card helps our new teachers to #ChooseHappy on a weekend after shaping young minds, I love knowing that with the Happy Card from Target gives a fun gift with options that will satisfy anyone! There are so many retailers the cards are valid at that it ensures I don't strike out with a gift card that won't be used.

We want to give one very lucky reader a gift card to make them Happy! This giveaway has been sponsored by Tatu Digital Media.

If you have a favorite teacher gift idea I would love to hear about it in a comment!

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