Tips on Making Your Instagram Profile Festooned with Follower Building Strategies

Instagram is currently the popular superstar among all the social media channels. The popularity of Instagram has been consistent with the numerous additions of value-added features amplifying the fact. Although the only way through which you can make the most out of this one of a kind platform is by focusing on sharing quality content. The best part is that Instagram supports users who are willing to make efforts on quality content that can be seen with their announcement of Instagram Stories last year, which gave brands the opportunity to reveal their raw content or behind-the-scenes images in a much innovative way.
In 2018, Instagram declared the IGTV feature for enhancing the video marketing and content on its platform. You can now shift your content creation strategies in terms of long video format such as live podcasts. All your content creation and marketing strategies will only be fruitful; when you have engaged a large number of audiences to your profile. If you are new to Instagram, here are some of the tactics through which you can optimize your followers count by attracting your target audience:

Create and Post User-specific Content

When it comes to creating content with the intent of increasing your followers on Instagram, the first few things that you need to consider is how you are going to use your account for improving branding, which directly relates to providing your audience with the content they wish to see. For achieving such a target, it is required to consider your target audience and identify their interests, needs and wants along with how they spend their free time. Once you are able to analyze these aspects, you can create intentional posts to entice your ideal customer with your account.

Leveraging Popular Hashtags

Prior to sharing your content on Instagram, make sure that you run a relevant hashtag search on Instagram. As soon as you begin to type your search, you will notice a couple of hashtags being accumulated and the total number of posts that integrated the particular hashtag. Needless to say, leveraging the hashtags with the most number of posts will give a better exposure to your content. Apart from that, utilizing the timely hashtags can also benefit you in increasing your follower growth as they are currently the talk of the platform.

Focus on Geotagging

One of the most important things to consider while posting on Instagram is that you incorporate the most relevant geotag irrespective of what you are posting and when you are posting. This is a great technique to entice the users who belong to a certain locality. As soon as your post pops on their home feed with the similar location being geotagged, not only they can see you, but they will also engage with your posts through likes and comments. You can also work with credible sources to get more Instagram likes on your posts in the most authentic ways such as Geotagging.

Content Curation

Curating your content marketing strategy starts with working on a specific calendar for your Instagram posts. With so many scheduling tools available online, it should not be a thing to worry when it comes to planning your posts on both weekly and monthly basis. Scheduling your posts will help you in supplementing your social marketing, as well as, save you an ample amount of time by automated routine posting.

Communicating with Your Audience

If you are wondering why your posts are not getting the engagement that you expected, there are high chances that you have not enticed your audience that well. User engagement works both ways, if you are not making efforts at interacting with your audience, they will overlook your posts. Hence, it is important to take out the time from your schedule to interact with them and make sure that you are implementing a human approach while communicating with your 

Stay Connected

While interacting with your audience, make sure that your communication is not only limited to your own posts but also you are also taking a valuable initiative to comment on the profiles of your followers, especially the ones with high follower rate. This will also confer you a unique kind of visibility that is outside of your content, which will grab the attention of more Instagram users towards your profile. Monitor some of the prominent profiles on the platform and like some of their posts.

Follow the Giants of Your Industry

Perhaps the biggest advantage of taking this approach will render you the opportunity to explore content and an impression of what your audience expects from your niche that you are operating in. Ensure indulging with these accounts and it will make it more likely for your potential followers to identify you more and more. However, keep the respective distance and keep the doors open for a potential cross-promotional content marketing with these accounts.

Cross Promotion

When it comes to an effective cross-promotional strategy, the first thing that you need to consider is showcasing your Instagram handle all over the Internet. Whether it is your other social media account, your website or your online brochure, ensure mentioning your Instagram handle everywhere. This will let the people know how to find you on Instagram.

Keep Your Followers Engaged

Assuming that you have successfully gained the like of your target audience, it is time to nurture them or else the follower count will not matter in the long run. Nurturing your followers is an important step to keep the existing ones enticed and engaging the new ones. Respond back to your followers and post on a daily basis, ensuring the authenticity.

Confer Incentives and Giveaways

Holding a contest and throwing incentives is the newest form of engaging new followers on Instagram. Besides, it is also a value-added program to know your audience better. Make sure you hold giveaways where your followers get to tag their friends and improve their chances to win. Provide them with discounts and promo codes as a reward for spending their valuable time participating in the contest.


Engaging followers that are satisfied with the content you provide them is the key to success on Instagram. Adhere to these strategies and ensure a growth in your overall follower count.


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