10 Modern Kitchen Inspirations to Spice Up Your Joinery

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is a space that should ideally look good and be functional at the same time. Modeling your kitchen to fit the theme of the rest of your home is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a good space to work with. Fortunately, there are hundreds of themes, ideas, color schemes and styles that you can work around when thinking of a way to remodel your kitchen, and these can work incredibly well when paired up right. A kitchen joinery, in particular, is something that can help you improve the look of your home while giving it a modern makeover. If you are on the lookout for ideas that could inspire your home, here are ten urban kitchens and joinery ideas that you can implement.
1. Monochrome Love
One of the best ways to incorporate a modern aesthetic into your home is by going in for the monochromatic look. This is something that can be incredibly good looking if paired up with the right kind of accessories to compliment your kitchen. If you want to keep the joinery as the main focus of your room, going in for a solid black piece with a white countertop can add a certain amount of flair to your kitchen.
2. Sleek And Stylish
Going in for something that is not bulky, and which uses sleeker structures is a good way to incorporate a modern look into your home. Going in for sleeker pieces also means that you have more space to work with, which is a defining characteristic of a modern kitchen. Wood is one of the best materials to work with when trying to achieve the sleek look, and when paired with any kind of marble or stone countertop can give you a good modern feel.
3. Glossy And Shiny
One of the newest trends that have been sweeping the home decor scene is the trend of incorporating glossy and shiny surfaces into the joinery and cabinets in the kitchen. Lacquer is one of the best materials to use when trying to achieve this kind of a look. This particular theme can be incredibly versatile in terms of the colors that one can use. Whites and pastel shades are generally the most preferred because they give the kitchen a good modernistic vibe.
4. High And Tall
Using height as opposed to width is a good way to incorporate all that you need into your kitchen without having to struggle with space. Joiners that are at a height and coupled with high bar stools are one of the more preferred ways in which one can incorporate this trend. A higher countertop is also great for those who want to use the additional floor space for storage of any kind. The color that you pick is also important in this regard since lighter and more calming colors can give you the illusion of having more space.
5. Combined Surfaces
Combining the kind of surfaces that you have in your kitchen is a good way to incorporate a modern and contemporary look. If you want your joinery to be the center of attention, going in for a wood base with a marble countertop is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend. Lighter hues are also better for this since they help the two surfaces blend well with each other. The wood can also give off a modern rustic vibe, which is a theme that is incredibly popular at the moment.
6. Evening Glam
Kitchens don’t always have to be lighter colors, and sometimes, going in darker can add the touch of elegance that your kitchen needs. A well-structured joinery that has a combination of darker hues and neutral tones can work well with almost any kind of design and is something that can draw a lot of positive attention to your kitchen. The lighting is something that plays a big role in this and determines how good your room looks with the darker tones.
7. A Little Bit Of Greenery
Incorporating plants into living spaces is a trend that is growing popular by the minute, and what better place to incorporate this into your kitchen. The joinery is one of the best places to incorporate this and can look incredibly versatile depending on how you choose to customize it. Using green color schemes with marble is also a good way to bring in the much-needed green into your room, and can complement the plants that you choose to put in here.
8. A Little Bit Of Everything
No one said that your kitchen needs to follow one set theme, and sometimes, mixing it up can give you something that truly looks spectacular and unique. For example, having a joiner that uses a combination of materials, and a mix of darker and lighter hues can look good if paired in an aesthetic manner. Combining the modern theme with rustic tones using wood is also one way to go for this which can look incredibly modern and chic.
9. Industrial Beaty
The contemporary industrial theme is something that is incredibly popular at the moment and is something that works incredibly well in kitchen spaces. Going in for things that have heavy metal structures combined with modern surfaces is one way to go when trying to incorporate this theme. The key here is to complement the darker industrial structures with lighter hues and sleek surfaces to give it a well-rounded finish.
10. Modern Luxe
The modern luxe look is something that can be relatively harder to pull off but is nevertheless something that can look absolutely stunning at the end of it. Gold and white are usually the colors to go with for this, and creative structures can complement this look. Going in for a sleek joinery that doesn't takes up too much space is a great way to incorporate this trend and get a kitchen that looks fabulous and worthy of a lot of attention.


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