5 Awesome Therapies That Can Do Wonders For Your Health

Therapies involve the manipulation of your body organs and brain to enhance well-being, deal with certain
health conditions or enhance relaxation. People who have also had traumatic experiences and bodily injuries
can rely on therapy to regain their health. Here are five of the most effective therapies that can help improve
your health.
Massage therapy
There are several types of massage therapies you can indulge in depending on your goals. However, most of
them are meant to improve organ functionality, enhance muscle relaxation and deal with inflammation among
other things . Massage also alleviates stress and improves blood flow to the brain and other organs. Here are
some of the most common massage therapies.
Hot stone massage
This massage involves the use of flat, smooth, heated basal rock stones. The stones are placed on specific points
of the body to relax and warm the muscles thereby enabling the therapist to apply deeper pressure on certain
points without causing discomfort.
Swedish massage
This is the most popular type of massage. It is performed by rubbing the muscles in strokes in the direction of
the veins to the heart. Swedish massage improves flexibility, blood circulation and oxygen levels in the blood.
Thai massage
Thai massage employs pulling, rocking and stretching techniques to relieve tension. You may feel a little
discomfort, but it has benefits of increased flexibility as well as relieving muscle pain and tension headaches.
Some of the spas which offer the best massage in Wollongong offer these types among others. You may
talk to a professional therapist to guide on the best massage technique.
Acupuncture is a therapy technique that involves inserting very thin needles through the skin of the person to
balance their energy. This therapy is known for its neurological benefits as well as dealing with symptoms such
as headaches, coughs, nausea, postoperative dental pain, and muscle tension. According to WHO, it can also
be of benefit in the treatment of spine pain, stiff neck, neuralgia and fibromyalgia among other conditions.
How does it work?
According to traditional chines medicine, perfect health is achieved from the harmony of 'yin and 'yang' of a
life force called the 'qi. Illnesses result from the imbalance of these life forces. There are pathways or meridians
in the body where this energy flows with over 350 acupuncture points being accessible. Meticulous insertion
of the needles in these points is believed to reset the flow of energy and enhance its balance.
Hydrotherapy is also called aquatic therapy. It involves the use of water on your body to enhance your physical
health. This therapy is used both for recreational purposes as well as in the treatment of skeletal, muscular
problems as such spinal injuries, joint problems, arthritis, and nerve issues. It can also treat skin problems and
enhance the flow of blood. Here are some common types of hydrotherapy.
Turkish bath or steam bath
Turkish baths are steam rooms filled with warm, very humid air. Steam therapy is said to help open skin pores
and to release impurities from the body via the skin.
Towels soaked in either cold or warm water are placed at particular areas of the body. The cold compress is
great for reducing swelling and inflammation while the warm compress eases sore muscles and promote
blood flow in the affected area.
Hydrotherapy pool exercises
These exercises involve exercising in warm water pools. Water lowers the gravitational pull thereby reducing
the resistance. This exercise is helpful for people with joint problems, back pain, and other musculoskeletal
Aromatherapy is a holistic type of treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote general health and
well-being. It is sometimes called essential oil therapy.This therapy uses essential oils that are known to
improve human health. Owing to its efficacy, this form of therapy has gained recognition in the world of
health sciences.
Diffusing essential oils in the air. It could just be a single type of oil or a combination of essential oils.
Inhaling oils directly from a bottle or a cloth with a few drops of the oil.
Having a massage using the essential oils.
Rubbing oils onto the skin.
Taking a bath infused with essential oils.
Lighting aromatherapy candles.
Some of the common essential oils are derived from herbs such as rosemary, leaves such as eucalyptus,
and grasses such as lemongrass. There are other oils harvested from roots such as ginger, zest from fruits such
as oranges and bark such as cedar. Aromatherapy can be used to manage pain, improve the quality of sleep,
soothe sore muscles, fight bacteria, and alleviate anxiety.
Therapeutic yoga
Yoga is a combination of physical, spiritual and mental practices that are performed to attain physical, mental
and spiritual goals. The exercises originated from traditional Hindu societies. There are tens of yoga exercises
that you may perform alone or as a group. Yoga is generally safe to perform even with most health conditions.
However, it might be important to talk to a medical practitioner if have a serious condition such as heart disease.
Benefits of yoga
Yoga improves general well-being. It helps reduce stress and fatigue caused by a busy schedule.
It helps enhance mental clarity and concentration.
It relieves back and neck pain.
It helps people with chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and diabetes to control their
symptoms and live a better quality of life.
Yoga can help improve sleep patterns.

It helps relieve anxiety and signs of clinical depression.
You can learn yoga exercises at your favorite gym or buy yoga resources that include videos and images of
different yoga exercises. Consider the exercises that help improve the condition that you may be having.

All of the above therapies are considered safe for general consumption. However, if you experience any
discomfort or pain when performing any of the above therapies, talk to your therapist immediately so that they
can determine if something is wrong.


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