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Our body is a machine that runs 24/7 and takes no holidays. There are certain lifestyle-related choices that we make that add lead to our internal organs becoming overworked. As the basic nourishment and healing are not met, toxins build up in our body. They manifest in many ways – from irritating conditions and allergies, and fatigue to serious diseases that can turn fatal.
A detox process is one way you can arrest this problem and get back on the right track.
The Wonders of BioActive Carbon
As medical research breaks new barriers, we understand our body’s micro-mechanisms better. BioActive carbon is a result of such groundbreaking testing and development, an effective tool in helping detox diets give better results. BioActive carbon binds toxins so they can be processed easily by the body. Companies like have a wide range of products that use the properties of BioActive carbon in specially designed detox formulas.
How does a Detox work?
A detox diet is like an intervention program for your organs. Your liver, pancreas and digestive organs are just some of the many body parts that bear the burden of dealing with toxins, apart from the usual functions. This can have a devastating effect on the immune system and give rise to serious diseases and conditions. The detox diet is formulated to help the body consolidate the toxins and expel them out.
Detoxing includes a controlled diet that focuses on nutritional value balanced with a minimum-required calorie count. Apart from giving the organs rest, a detox diet is a catalyst for the liver to mobilize the elimination of toxins. The toxins are released through sweat, urine, and feces and a detox diet is also expected to improve your circulation.
Types of Toxins in the Body
The list of toxins that can be present in the body is long enough to cause justified alarm. Our food and drinks are full of chemicals like preservatives, herbicides, and insecticides. The air we breathe contains many more harmful pollutants that get absorbed by the internal organs. Asbestos, smoke from fires, fumes from industrial sites, and exhaust from cars produce toxins that get inhaled. Tainted water can contain lead while certain workplaces harmful PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls that can enter the system. The mold that occurs in damp environments too is a source of toxins.
Soil that is exposed to particular types of synthetic fertilizers or located close to industrial sites can contain cadmium, a dangerous heavy metal. Medication and recreational drugs are basically cocktails of different compounds, some that can linger in your body and cause bad side effects.
Processed meats and other foods that use preservatives and artificial agents have their many dangers too. Nitrates and bromates are just some of the toxic agents that can infiltrate your bloodstream through these food sources.
Some everyday products are also a source of toxins. American men and women use a range of cosmetic products. We rarely consider the effects of the ingredients on our system, apart from what is advertised. Bad chemicals from lipstick and lip balm can easily enter your body. Initiatives like Safe Cosmetics are trying to create much-needed awareness about toxins in regular bathroom products.
The list of pollutants and toxins goes on and on. Is there no escape? Of course, there is. With an informed mind and a willingness to change lifestyle, you can avoid adding harmful agents to your body. A detox diet can be that first big jump in this crucial change of habits.
Phases of a Detox
A good detox system will come with a very detailed protocol. Detoxification processes start with cleaning up and nourishing the organs of your body responsible for drainage – the liver, the kidneys and the lymphatic system to name just a few. The next part of a detox would involve cleaning up the digestive system, where most of the ingested toxins land up. Some detox programs include treatments to clean up the system from dangerous heavy metals and other similar toxic agents.
Benefits of a Detox
There are many benefits to a detox. The weight loss is one of the most visible benefits, bringing with it a host of other reasons to celebrate. It can be a catalyst for a long-term habit as you incorporate better diet and more exercise into your life. A detox gives you a glimpse of what a healthy lifestyle should be like.
Regular American diets are often loaded with caffeine and sugar. These two can provide a much-needed energy lift but that is momentary. The crash that ensues can make you feel fatigued for no external reason. A detox diet weans you off these two agents and your body regulates its energy levels in a more natural, sustainable manner fuelled by nutrients. This means that you will experience less fatigue and have a spring in your step at work and at home.
After the detox, your immune system will be stronger - your internal organs are less stressed and are receiving the right amount of nutrients. Mental health and vitality also improve after a detox as your higher energy levels contribute to this. There are many other pleasant changes associated with a detox – your skin gets clearer post-detox and your hair has a better sheen and texture.

Improve the Regular Habits after your Detox

The cleaning up does not stop at the detox diet. You can incorporate healthy elements in your everyday routine for life. Add Vitamin C supplements to your regular diet as it will help your immune system. Drink the prescribed amount of water as it helps flush out toxins from your body through sweat and urine. Certain green vegetables like Brussels sprouts, kale, and cauliflowers have phytonutrients that are very good for your intestines, liver, and kidneys.
The detox can be a great wake-up call physically. It will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle that you will cherish. Attain peace of mind and gain the top shape you desire – consider the benefits of a detox.


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