Discovering the secrets of Uzbek Cuisine

One of the most celebrated cuisines among the Asian foods is Uzbek cuisine. Uzbekistan foods have their own signature dishes and stand out amongst the many styles of Asian food for some great reasons. Some of the recipes are really old and carries a heritage. The two most common food ingredients in Uzbek food are rice and noodles. Most of the food items are made from rice and noodles. Meat is mixed with many dishes. Some of the common food items in Uzbek cuisine, you must have heard of, or will hear on going to a good Uzbek restaurant are, plov, shurpa, manti, samsa, shashlik, Lagman. They emit great smell and offer a scrumptious taste to the taste buds.
Here are discussed the best restaurants in Brooklyn in New York City, which offers the best Uzbek foods. And you would surely enjoy a great time in those restaurants.

This restaurant at 2158 Bath Avenue is a charming place to find real Uzbek food. The authenticity of food is nota question here and rather guaranteed.The food here would surpass your expectations, andyou are bound to love it and plan a come back later.
This place is always crowded, and there are obvious reasons for that. It’s the taste of high-quality food here, which makes people come once, and then come again and again. Hence you may have to wait for a little here to get your table. By quality, you will be surprised to get so much in one platter. Chicken Adana is one of their finest dishes. It’s located at 1953 Coney Island Ave.
Nargis Bar and Grill
Be ready to feel a warm welcome from the staffs of the restaurant at 155 5th Avenue. And then you may sit here and order till late too. Some of the exotic dishes to taste here are Cheburek, Uzbek Plov, and Herring. They are all high quality, serves greatly, and you would enjoy every minute here.
Café Kashkar
Try the Manti here for a memorable Uzbek cuisine experience. The Lagman which is a kind of fried noodles, and the Samsa, which is the meat pie are also lovely here.The best part of the experience is that the menu is quite pocket-friendly. Something interesting to observe about the interior and ambiance here is that the tables and seating are not really restaurant style, but like in a home interior, giving you a surprisingly homely feel.
Tandir Express
This place surely serves the best in samsa and plov both in Brooklyn. The much affordable, tasting heavenly food here comes with a traditional chaikhana ambiance of Uzbekistan. Samsa is a meat pastry, where meat is stuffed in flour balls. And the plov is a preparation made from rice and meat pieces with some spices. Both tastes awesome, and then there are many other finger-licking and mouth-watering Uzbek delicacies.
Elza Fancy Food
The best part of dining here is experiencing a fusion of Uzbek and Korean style in the food. The best dishes to try here are cold kuksu noodles, which is made from pickled veggies and beef, and the next item is Lagman, where also you get amazing quality noodle texture. They have an eggplant salad too worth trying.
Café At Your Mother-In-Law
At 3071 Brighton 4th Street, this place is worth a visit, if you are gaga about authentic Uzbek food. This surely is one of the nicest places in Brooklyn to find high-quality Uzbek cuisine that is really tempting in taste smell and looks.
Café Lily
Do not forget to order the Manti, Plov, and Chicken Tabaka here. The place is a family run restaurant, which is surely a great option for Uzbek food Brooklyn.The awesome food, great taste, authentic style, andaffordable price would beckon you to come back to the place again.
Sherdor Restaurant
This place at the Sheepshead Bay area serves amazing quality plov which is the Uzbek signature item. This dish contains rice, grated carrots, androasted lamb in pieces, all serve in spicy recipes.However, the meat you get here will be fat rich. But quantity wise there is no beating. It's a nice place, budget-friendly, and offers very tasty Uzbek foods. You should also taste their simple bread and butter and the amazing kebabs which are super tasty.
Café Uzbechka
Another great place for Uzbek food at the Brighton Street, they have a great authentic Uzbek menu, and lovely plov to serve with other high-quality Uzbek dishes.
Aziza 7
This is a cheaper choice as per budget, and also offers lovely Uzbek food. Located at 2113 Ave Z Brooklyn, this is a nice place. However, service time is a little sluggish here due to the rush.
Lazzat Restaurant
If you try the combination of the Avocado salad with Lamb Shish, you will never forget the place.With good food, you will also enjoy the good music here. The authenticity of the food, the amazing real flavors, all touch the senses too good.
Emir Palace
Try kebabs and manti here, and also try theirBorch soup. You will forget every problem of life for sometime with the amazing taste and aroma of the food. And that is why a visit to this lovely place at 4210 18th Ave is a must if you are a true foodie.
Concluding Notes
With so many top-notch Uzbek cuisines offering restaurants at Brooklyn, and many more that could not be accommodated in the list, you really would never mourn to get a taste of the plov, shashlik, manti, Lagman and Samsaand such Uzbek foods. The real authentic flavor is all waiting to be explored here at these great food places in the city, and foodies must try them all, one after another to find out how much variety they may still get in the same type of cuisine due to the different hands preparing the same recipe. It’s really a grand tour of Brooklyn in finding Uzbek food alone if you are areal gastronomic traveler. And if you stay in the city, then also for a change in taste, and because it’s so economical, you must definitely visit these places in special days or whenever you feel like.


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