Find Out If a Novated Lease Is the Right Choice For You?

If you planning to buy a new car but you do not seem to have that much time in your hand to save up, then you must consider the novated lease. It could be the best option for you under the circumstances. If you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle and wish to make the most of tax benefits, fixed repayments, easy loan management then novated vehicle leasing is the best route to take. A novated lease would be letting you use the car and pay for it through salary-sacrificing. Moreover, you could choose to pay all maintenance and operating costs for using the pre-tax income. Before you consider taking out a novated vehicle lease, it is vital to fully understand the implications of taking out a novated vehicle lease.
What Do You Understand by a Novated Lease?
A novated lease is supposed to be a kind of a financing option which would be helping you buy a car of your choice. It would be involving an agreement between your employers, you, and also, a third-party financier wherein you would be taking out a vehicle lease but your employer would be making the repayments and also, the running expenses of your lease from your pre-tax income. However, you would be very much responsible for all these repayments. The vehicle lease would be becoming a portion of the salary packaging for you. Now that you have an answer to the question ‘what is a novated lease? let us explore the chief reasons why you must seek novated car leasing.
You Would Be Saving on Tax
A wholly maintained novated lease would be combining most of your vehicle operating expenses with your car finance lease repayments. These repayments are generally, taken out of the post-tax and pre-tax income every pay cycle that could be reducing your taxable salary. Moreover, you could be enjoying GST savings on the car’s purchase price and even the running expenses.
Bundled Car Finance & Maintenance Costs
A novated vehicle lease would be providing you the ultimate peace of mind and definite ease of budgeting. Expenses that may involve fuel, replacing your tires, and even servicing are all covered within the fixed repayments every month.
Easy Access to the Fleet Buying Discounts
Thanks to a novated car lease, you could take the fullest advantage of the company’s bulk purchasing power. Moreover, you could have an access to the right deal for your car finance.
Provides Complimentary 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Often novated car lease would be coming with a 24x7 complimentary roadside assistance.
Enjoy the Treatment
Generally, novated leasing companies are genuinely customer-oriented and they are committed to quality and give you complete quality assurance. You could work with flexible and smart vehicle finance providers. You could get the right car as per your preference and you could get a lease approval that best complements your lifestyle.
You must be very careful about everything because things could be really very tricky. You must carefully scrutinize the options and weigh the pros and cons before you make the right decision.


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