Instagram is the app that's grabbing everyone's attention at the moment as its direct, visual approach
catches the eye of millions of people with relative ease. The concept is a simple one, post photos,
but the resulting response has been impressive. With a billion accounts now up and running on
Instagram, there is a wealth of people and content floating around, interacting through this revolutionary
social network on a daily basis. Its success has attracted the attention of millions of people,
especially companies and businesses, as they look to use the social media for their own gain.

Instagram thrives on the interaction between different people and their content. While it's one thing to
post a picture, that picture becomes more prominent if it gets a lot of attention, in the form of comments
and likes, which catapults to a loftier position. Just having a good picture or a post is one thing; on
Instagram, the reaction that post generates and how positively it is received is what will propel it into
the wider realms of the app and the internet as a whole. The driving force behind this possibility is,
of course, the Instagram users. While there are a billion of them, you cannot guarantee that they will
all see your content, though it is possible. However, you have a better chance of having your content
seen if you can cover these users into followers as whenever you add content to your account, it will
appear in people's feeds. Once you get these followers, you have more of a chance of having regular
interaction with your posts instead of leaving it up to fate and hoping Instagram users will be drawn to
your content.


Getting more followers to interact with you and engage with the content on your profile is always
going to be difficult. You may have some of the best content out there and you may be working
your socks off behind the scenes to put it together before releasing it to the world but, unfortunately,
the simple fact is that if you only have so many followers on your Instagram account, the number of
people who will see it, and appreciate it, is low. There are ways to work around this. If you are
struggling to attract followers who will provide your Instagram profile and its content with likes
and comments then you can go to one of the many websites out there which offer you the chance to
pay for packages that will help you in these three areas.

One example of such a site is At these sites, they offer you deals which involve handing over an amount of money but what you get in return is worth much more. With your investment, you will be able to add more followers to your profile, and real ones at that, or assign likes and comments to posts that you feel deserve more attention. This is a simple and effective way to increase the numbers for your profile and set yourself on the way to getting more attention in the wider world of Instagram.

The importance of Instagram followers cannot be understated: you need them to interact with your content as that's the only way your profile will grow and your star will rise. That's why people will invest serious amounts of time and money into getting more of them. It is possible to sit around and wait for Instagram followers to come to you naturally but this is a slower process and there is no guarantee it will happen. To get a significant increase in your number of followers, you need to be proactive and develop strategies that you feel will get more attention from the followers you have and hopefully spread further and attract new ones.

The more followers you have, the more followers you get. Instagram is known for having something of a snowball effect in that once you build up a head of steam, it just keeps growing and growing from there. That's why it's important to put in the effort and work on attracting as many as you can right from the beginning. This might involve taking risks or trying out new approaches to your strategy but if the end result is an increase in the number of followers and you therefore launch yourself onto a bigger stage then it will be worth it.

Try posting at regular intervals; post content that goes beyond merely focusing on your products or services, such as 'behind the scenes' shots of you and your company at work; invite people to add comments or to follow you; have competitions where a like or a comment is enough to enter; make sure to engage with the people who take the time to respond to you, whether it be through a like or a comment; think up your own hashtags to give your profile and your brand a unique twist; invite your followers to post photos of them using your products or services; these are all just so of the different ways that you can go about getting more attention and, in turn, you will surely pick up more followers, thus helping you to grow your brand where there is a potential audience of one billion customers.


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