How to prepare to deal with horse colic efficiently?

Horse Colic is a disease that can affect horses anytime. You must always be prepared to do what you can to treat your horse in case it gets affected suddenly, and you do not have a vet with you. In this article, you will learn what you must do when you face a colic emergency.

Prepare yourself early
It is necessary that you be prepared to face any horse colic emergency. You can find a lot of information about horse colic and how you can prevent the common triggers of horse colic even from the internet. These will help you to make an emergency contingency plan. But it is important that you do not panic, remember to stay calm.
Horse colic is a very common disease. It can affect any horse. Horses of all ages, different breeds and varied levels of activities can get affected with horse colic. You must try to prevent this disease by learning the symptoms of horse colic. This will help you to prepare for any emergency of horse colic. You should also learn the causes, the different types, the management techniques and the ways for providing aftercare to the horses as well.
What should you do when you find your horse suffering from horse colic suddenly?
1.      In case, you see that your hose has become restless then you try to take it for a little walk. It might help to ease the mind of the horse from the pain. It can also help to pass and move gas around or any other form of obstructions. You should let the horse set its pace. It might like to tot or even take a slow stroll. You should not force the horse to walk. You must let the horse remain comfortable. This will help to reduce the stress levels of your horse.

2.      If you can, then you should prevent your horse and stop it from any dropping and then rolling. The horse might even injure itself, and that can go on to complicate the colic.  You should protect the horse from getting any further injury. You must remove all things that can injure it or cut itself. If you see your horse in the stall, then you must line the stable walls with bales of hay in order to prevent further injury.
Should you offer water to the horse?
If you are not aware of the type of the colic that you have to deal with, then you must remove the water. You must check your vet first and then reintroduce water.
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Horses are delicate animals. These animals are amazing pets and beautiful as friends and companions for men. But horses need to be taken cared of properly. In spite of giving all the care and proper nutrients, a horse can get afflicted with colic. Horse colic is a normal disease for horses. But, it not a fatal disease. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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