Things to Steer Clear of While Purchasing Affordable Fashion Artificial Jewelry

When purchasing jewelry, it is a good idea to opt for something beautiful yet affordable. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery, today you could have easy access to a wide variety of high-quality imitation jewelry pieces that are far more affordable than the real ones but are as amazing as the originals. For instance, the current generation is having a craze for American diamond or Cubic Zirconia that has the same sparkle as a natural diamond but is available at half the price of a real diamond.

Many women are perpetually losing or breaking jewelry. It becomes mandatory for them to wear imitation jewelry so that there is no tension of losing an expensive item or breaking a precious heirloom. But you must be cautious while choosing the imitation jewelry so that they do not look cheap and are actually, good substitutes for real ones. Here are a few simple rules to follow while choosing fashion jewelry.
Avoid Flashy Over-Shiny Metals
Many of you think that shinier jewelry pieces are better but you must always keep in mind that all that glitters is not gold. While buying fashion imitation jewelry, remember not to buy over-shiny or highly-polished stuff particularly, when we are considering fake gold jewelry. Do not opt for something that has excessive glitter. It is best to stick to a matte finish or an antique look.
Buy Only American Diamonds & Other Clear Gemstones
Buy American diamond jewelry so that the focus would be on the dazzling stones and not on the metal. All jewelry designs with American diamonds look sophisticated and classy. While buying affordable imitation jewelry, look for clear gemstones that look classy and expensive. Avoid colorful plastic gems.
Do Not Buy Beaded Stuff
Avoid imitation jewelry with lots of beads in the design as they seem to have come straight away from the craft fair. Beads do not have the rich and expensive look at all. However, if you are still keen on using beads then follow the principle ‘less is more’.
Choose Heavier Pieces
It is obvious that very expensive and delicate pendant jewelry pieces like necklaces would not be weighing a lot, but when you are buying statement costume jewelry pieces, ensure that they have reasonable weight otherwise they would be looking flimsy and loose. Obviously, you do not want others to guess that the item you are flaunting actually is quite cheap.
Avoid Statement Bibs
It is best to opt for daintier neckpieces instead of the statement bibs. People are anyways quite tired of the statement bib look. If you wish to attract attention, you could avoid the bulky bib necklace and instead consider layering smaller necklaces and that would look sophisticated, elegant, and polished.
You must realize that the beauty of your jewelry would show only if you wear it with the right outfits. You must consider coordinating your jewelry just like an expert grooming specialist.  You need a lot of insight and knowledge to coordinate just like a star. You are fortunate to get some real expert tips for perfecting your look. Now that your jewelry is sorted out, spend some time choosing the right outfit for yourself.

Author Bio: Priyanka Chaturvedi is a personal grooming expert and an ardent blogger in her own right. She offers grooming tips and suggests several ways of dressing up impressively, in her blog posts. She has mentioned in her recent blog post that matte finish jewelry is very much in vogue today. She has also shared excerpts from an interview with a reputed CZ matte finish imitation jewellery exporter in India.


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