Want to get a big breed dog? Five breeds to consider

A pet dog can bring all the entertainment and cheer into your life! However, the decision of your favorite dog breed home needs careful thinking. A pet will require your attention, time and love for it to grow and thrive well. You will have to train your pet dog to get acquainted with your children and other family members. Few dogs are perfect for a family dog. These are mostly the breed of big dogs. And there are plenty of them for you to check-out and select.

Making a choice can seem complicated. So here are the best five big dog breeds for you to select.

1.      The Bernese Mountain Dog
Self-assured and mild nature, the Bernese Mountain Dogs are often neutral to strangers. Some breeds are docile as well. They love to stay at home, but might also need a substantial outdoor space at times to play around. These dogs are big and are very swift. Also, nature-wise these dogs are at time shy but mostly affectionate, intelligent, faithful, energetic and stable. Bernese dogs are friendly with most dogs and other people. They are perfect for a household dog.

2.      Mastiff
The Mastiff is a big dog breed and is available in many types, such as the Care Corso, Alpine, English, American and many more. Mastiffs usually are silent and calm dogs. They bond very well with children. These dogs are very loyal and loving as well. They can protect families and aren't aggressive until required. You can browse through https://animals.net/ to know more on this dog breed.

3.      Collies
Every dog lover at some point would love to own a dog that looks like the Lassie type! It is where you can bring home the Collies. These dogs are very gentle, trainable, intelligent and perfect as a home pet. They are known for their loyalty and tenderness and love children very much. Though they aren't huge dogs, they can't be classified as small dogs as well. Usually, they weight between 60 and75 pounds. Daily work is a good exercise for them.

4.      German Shepherd
If you want to bring home an active dog that can guard your family well, get the German Shepherd by all means. Loyal in nature, this big breed dog will bond very well with your family members. By nature, they are very protective of their owners. They are intelligent and playful at the same time. The German Shepherd might need extended training. But it’s obedient to go through the process and make delightful family pets.

5.      Australian Shepherd
Moderate in size, the Australian Shepherd typically weighs between 50 and 60 pounds. Though not categorized as biggest dogs, regarding a large dog, this breed is a smart choice.  The Australian Shepherd is very easy going and calm by nature. They are also very loving and kind. Loyal to their owners, the Australian Shepherd also protect their owners in all possible ways.

If you have an affinity for a big dog, you might want to go through these best five breeds discussed above. These are popular dog choices for several dog lovers. You can research and read about them more before you decide.


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