5 Tips To Help You Better Understand Your Options During a Hospital Error

Hundreds of thousands of patients die each year due to medical mistakes. This number does not even take into consideration the number of people who suffer from these mistakes and live. A hospital is a place where we expect to be safe and well cared for, but often hospitals are under-staffed and critical errors take place. If you have suffered a medical error, your life may be irrevocably changed. Some medical errors are responsible for long-term illnesses or disabilities that last for the rest of a patient's life. Even a seemingly small error can rack up thousands of dollars of debt and lost wages.

Perhaps even worse than the problem, is the medical community's willingness to cover it up. A doctor will rarely admit to making a mistake since their medical license and career are likely at stake. This issue combined with the complications from insurance companies and the difficult terminology surrounding medical procedures make a malpractice case hard to prove. If you or a loved one has been involved in a hospital error, it is important to know your options to increase your odds of compensation.
Retain Medical Records
Your medical records are the most valid form of proof that an error occurred. Avoid a Murphy's Law situation by having all of the right documents. Any time you are hospitalized, you have the right to your own health records. This information is the best documentation of the facts that occurred during your stay. It is your legal right to have access to your medical records. Obtaining them is usually as easy as filling out a form.

Gather the names of everyone associated with your care while you were in the hospital. This is another important step in establishing evidence for your case. Whether or not these workers were directly associated with the error in question, they may be valuable witnesses. It is vital to gather all of the facts regarding your treatment.

Seek a Malpractice Attorney
Malpractice cases are difficult to win. Unfortunately, these cases are often lost in court. It is critical to your case to seek out a lawyer who understands the complications surrounding a medical case. There are a number of laws to follow to prove an error occurred. Medical textbooks support doctors in using many methods to treat any illness. A qualified malpractice attorney will have medical experts to determine what the doctor's course of treatment should have been.

It is difficult to convince a jury of a doctor's negligence. Juries tend to be understanding toward doctors. Many cases that go to trial rule in favor of the hospital. It is important to have an attorney that understands the odds and the evidence it takes to convince a jury of hospital error.

It is in the best interest of your case to be as prepared as possible when you go for your consultation. Some important documents include:
Medical records from the hospital, specialists, your primary physician, and physical therapists.
Pay stubs to document lost wages.
Diagnostic test results, including MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays.
Your health insurance information.
Correspondence from your doctor.
Receipts for medical equipment.
Photographs of injuries related to malpractice.
Learn the laws
There are laws that detail what a medical error includes. However, the elements that put the hospital at fault, are vague. Many doctors who work within hospitals are not hospital employees. They are generally part of a private practice. This means an error on the part of a surgeon is not necessarily a hospital error. Some general events that are considered hospital negligence include:

Illness or infection from unclean conditions.
Mistakes or mistreatment by hospital staff.
Administrative error like incorrect data.
Use of malfunctioning equipment.
Keeping staff members who have a history of mistakes.
Perhaps the most important part of a hospital error case lies in one fact. The distress you suffered must have been a result of the doctor's negligence or error. If your illness or injury occurred for a different reason, you do not have a case.
You may also be able to discover if your doctor has any history of malpractice. Your state medical board may contain records of medical malpractice lawsuits. However, there will be no information on any cases where the judgement was in favor of the doctor. Your lawyer might be able to help you find other information regarding your doctor's history.
Keep Receipts of Bills Acquired Due to the Error
A hospital error might create an emergency situation while you are still in the hospital. In that case, the costs you acquire will likely be directly related to the facility. However, some problems arise later, or you might need ongoing medical equipment or care. It is vital for you to keep a record of all of these costs for reasonable compensation.
If you suffered injury or illness from a hospital error, you may need ongoing medical care from other facilities. Some costs to document may include:

Medical equipment.
Physical therapy.
Repeated doctor appointments.
Psychiatric care.
Prescription medicines.
Understand Your Rights to Compensation
A hospital error creates major changes in your life beyond the scope of medical bills. You should know your rights regarding compensation. You might feel pressured to sign a full compensation agreement before speaking to a lawyer. This is dangerous because the full extent of your upcoming costs may not be revealed yet. Some of the damages covered may include:

Loss of wages due to further time off.
Extra medical expenses.
Pain and suffering.
Psychological treatment for depression or other mental conditions related to the changes in your life.
Potential loss of future wages if you are unable to go back to work.
If you lost a family member due to medical malpractice, you have a slightly different case. While there is no true compensation to equal loss of life, a wrongful death case is in order. A wrongful death case can establish liability and compensate debts incurred from the situation. Wrongful death damages may include:

Funeral and burial costs.
Medical debts.
Lost wages.
Medical malpractice or hospital error are difficult situations to endure. Whether you are suffering, or have lost a family member, you deserve to have whatever compensation is available. Contact a medical malpractice attorney to learn your options today.


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