Choosing the number of toys for your toddler can be quite a daunting task indeed- especially if you’re a new parent. There is always a risk of overstocking your home with their useless toys.

Extra toys can invade space. You might just injure yourself by tripping over a plastic plane!

Excess toys in your living space can certainly create these inconveniences. But then again you also don’t want to disappoint your toddler. Every little kid needs toys to keep them busy and mentally sharp.

This article will provide you with the guidelines on the number of toys a kid needs and how to avoid wastage.

Kids Don’t Always Need Toys

It’s wrong to assume that kids MUST need toys for recreation. Toddlers explore the world around them from a young age. It can be a toy. It can also be a signboard, a plant or a jar.

Such items can already be available in your house. Consider these objects as a replacement for toys. These can provide adequate mental stimulation.

Fewer Toys Is Not a Bad Thing

A new study has found that if fewer toys are provided, the children focus more on the toys available. This gives them a bigger opportunity to foster their creativity.

If you want to provide actual toys; stuffed animals, building toys or dolls can be great choices. Keep in mind to gift kids toys that actually interest them.

Drawing supplies is a great toy option. It not only encourages creativity but also keeps the toddler focused on one, singular thing.

Drawing develops multiple cognitive skills. You can consider introducing him to this wonderful activity when he’s about two years old.

Focus on what Your Toddler Prefers

By the age of five, your child will show certain preferences to different toys. Some children prefer building while others may be more inclined towards drawing.

Though parents should never hinder their child’s scope of imagination, they should certainly provide toys according to their children’s preferences. Imposing toys on toddlers can be a bad idea.

Another thing you can do as a parent is spending more money on fun activities with your toddler. It can be a visit to a museum or a zoo. All these activities can prove to be more beneficial and educational than some mere toys.
Avoid Overspending on Toys
Parents often buy a large number of toys during the holiday season. This often leads to excess toys around the house.

They also tend to buy a large number during birthdays or vacations. You can impose a strict rule of ‘no gifts’ during certain events.

During the holiday season, list what your child would love to have as a toy. After that buy him the toys that he’ll appreciate the most.
As mentioned before, fun and educational activities can be great alternatives to toys. So, you need not always venture out to buy new things for him to play with.


Toys should be tools to increase your child’s creativity. It should foster his imagination. Toys do play a very important role in our child’s growth.

Therefore, making the right choices is important for choosing toys for your toddler. Flashy toys of vibrant colors do not always provide the benefits of a good toy.

Your child should play with toys that help him to learn more. A few toys are enough for a child’s mental development and entertainment. Therefore, it’s always recommended to keep the amount to a minimum level.

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