Make Your Home Welcoming for Christmas Guests

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. The perfect excuse to hold a gathering for your favourite people and to make your home feel cosy and warm. We always want our homes to feel and look inviting, we want our guests to step inside and believe they are very welcome.

When people visit my home, I want them to feel comfortable enough to relax. I hope they walk through the door and feel that my house has a pleasant ambience, and at Christmas I want to make it feel even more special. I like to take the opportunity to dress my home for the occasion, after all you only get away with filling your home with the sights, sounds and smells of the festive season once a year, so you may as well go for it!

A Well-Decorated Tree
Light up a dull corner of the room with a huge Christmas tree (fake or real), either will look stunning with lots of lights, hanging ornaments and perhaps a few lengths of tinsel or a string or two of bells. Place presents beneath it (or if all of yours have gone to Santa already you could wrap up a few boxes in beautiful paper), it adds to the charm of your room!

Christmas Jim Shore Figurines
I really enjoy coming up with designs for my Christmas Jim Shore figurines, I feel they are a wonderful addition to a room at Christmas time. They look good placed on a mantlepiece or grouped together on a shelf. I always carefully consider my Christmas Jim Shore figurines, some are fun and frivolous and others have a depth of meaning. I believe that’s how Christmas should be, a fun occasion when we can get together and make merry, have a good time and enjoy the festive celebrations. There should also be that element that reminds us that Christmas does have a deeper meaning.

A little background music can lift the room, as it’s Christmas you should go for festive tunes, although you don’t have to blast out “Merry Christmas Everybody” at full Garlands and Wreaths
Garlands and wreaths can also add a festive touch to your home. I have an affinity to nature and the country, so if I can incorporate that I will. You could do the same, there are a number of wreath making workshops you could join if you don’t feel confident enough to try out this craft project on your own.

Scented Candles
The fragrance of a cinnamon candle or a hint of pine cones as you walk through the front door can instantly make you think of Christmas. The flicker of candlelight also looks soothing and will help transform a room (and make it smell fabulous to boot)!

Clean and Tidy Rooms
If you have guests staying at your home you will want to make sure that it’s looking it’s best. That might involve a lot of tidying and cleaning prior to their arrival. Try not to look on it as hard work, instead see it as motivation to get on top of things. Change bedding, put out fresh towels, clear some space in a wardrobe or shelf for guests to put a few personal items (depending on how long they are intending to stay).

Food and Drink.
Think about food and drink in advance. Are your guests coming for an afternoon? Are they staying for the whole day? Or perhaps a weekend? Or (heaven forbid) for a week or two! Make sure you have plenty of what you need to hand (including the basics such as loo rolls, tea bags, milk and bread). You can freeze items you don’t need straight away, you can also batch cook and freeze certain recipes, these can be kept and defrosted and reheated as needed.

Drinks wise many guests will bring alcohol if invited to a gathering or to stay, but make sure you have back up drinks and enough mixers to keep the party ticking over. Think about drivers and non-drinkers – make sure you have soft drinks to hand and a jug or two of water (and don’t forget the ice)!

Merry Christmas To All and To All a Good Night
Making your guests feel welcome and your home comfortable is a lovely notion, but take the time to enjoy it yourself too – if you spend all your time cleaning, decorating and preparing you might miss out on enjoying the festivities


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